Las prácticas de la predicación cristiana

Rudimentos para la proclamación eficaz

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1. Preach Christian Sermons

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 1 - Collaborator Discussion

Collaborator Video Discussion Questions

  1. Kenyatta Gilbert referenced Luke 4:14-30 as a text that sets the tone for Jesus’ preaching ministry. Re-read Luke 4:14-30 and ask, “How should this text shape my understanding of preaching?”

  2. Ahmi Lee pointed out that preaching is that “climactic moment in worship” that brings together the “dynamic interaction between the gift we have received and the grace we have to live out” as a community. If you disagree with this statement, explain why you do. If you agree with it, explain why preaching brings these together, and explain how it brings them together.

  3. Matthew Kim challenged preachers to be prophetic and also to be willing to give a rebuke if needed. How does this challenge strike you? What would you give up, and what would you gain? What are some of the risks? What are some of the opportunities?

  4. Jerusha Matsen Neal described the importance of being willing to dislocate ourselves from our first take on the text. Name some of the “first take” readings of biblical texts that we are in danger of holding onto without undergoing creative disruption.