KJV Study Bible for Boys Hardcover

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In this red-letter King James Version study Bibles designed especially for them, boys can discover God's truths and how to develop true Christian character. This Bible features study notes, profiles, and devotions designed for boys ages 8-12, such as

Book Introductions. Descriptive features that highlight contents of each book of the Bible.

Good Morning, God. Brief devotionals tied to specific Bible passages that encourage children to read, think, and pray about their personal lives and relationships.

Heroes and Heroines. Biographical sketches of men and women whose lives and actions display traits boys can admire and emulate.

Men's World. Details what life was like for men in Bible times.

Be All You Can Be. Challenges boys to act appropriately, make right decisions, and choose worthwhile values.

Drawings, Illustrations, and Full-Color Maps. Supplements to assist understanding of the Bible in proper context.

With devotions and notes designed just for them, boys will be excited to jump into the study of the Bible, developing Christian disciplines that will serve them well in the future.