Just Give Me a Little Piece of Quiet, Repackaged Edition

Daily Getaways for a Mom’s Soul

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Retreat from the day's pressures and be refreshed for tomorrow's possibilities

Do you struggle to find a little peace for yourself in the midst of your hectic days? You'd like to step off the mommy treadmill for a little while, and set aside some time for yourself and for God.

Just Give Me a Little Piece of Quiet is your daily getaway. Bookended by Scripture, Lorilee's stories and tips for moms in the trenches are a great way to revitalize the spiritual person inside--you know, the beautiful person hidden behind the fight-refereeing, sleep-deprived woman your kids refer to as "Hey, Mom."

These short devotions help you laugh at life's most embarrassing moments, remember treasured memories, and put things back into perspective. And when patience is running thin, Lorilee reminds you why you were so excited to have those little ankle-biters in the first place. It's just what you need to survive those crazy days!

The Author

  1. Lorilee Craker

    Lorilee Craker

    Lorilee Craker is the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller Through the Storm by Lynne Spears, and the author of several books on parenting and relationships. A frequent speaker, Craker is also an entertainment writer who has been...

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