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Stepping with Courage into God's Call for the Next Stage of Life

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Reimagine Your Future and Activate Your Dreams

We all want to do something that matters, and there are moments when we ask, "Is my life really making a difference?" Could there be more, and what if now is the perfect time to get started?

Writing for those who have a dream but feel too old, too young, too invisible, too unqualified or as if they missed their opportunity somewhere along the way, Wendy Peter provides both the inspiration and the blueprint to
· move past your false finish line and reimagine the next season of your life
· identify and awaken your true purpose and step with courage into your calling
· create a road map to get your dreams off the ground

The culmination of your life experiences--the reason you are uniquely you--is exactly what God will use for such a time as this. No matter your age or circumstances, you can reimagine your future, activate your dormant dreams and glorify God by pursuing what He is calling you to right now!

"Wendy Peter's book is designed to encourage, build and establish you in your potential. You will be amazed as you watch the life-transforming fruit grow."--PATRICIA KING, author, minister, television host

The Author

  1. Wendy Peter

    Wendy Peter

    Wendy Peter (www.wendypeter.com) is the director of Women on the Frontlines Global and a pastor in Winnipeg, Manitoba. An inspiring communicator, life coach, and teacher, she has spent her life empowering women to break free from beliefs that have held them...

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