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Experience God's Joy Daily!

Have you settled for less than unspeakable joy in your life's journey? The Holy Spirit is challenging you to expect more--a lot more!

Georgian Banov knew nothing of this supernatural joy. Born and raised under the oppression of atheist and Communist Bulgaria, he escaped miraculously to the United States, where he was embraced by the warmth and love of the "Jesus people." Encountering God, along with the truth of His Word and the ongoing work of the Spirit, has led him to a life of freedom and holy joy.

In these pages, Georgian will help you
· become a friend of God and know Him as an affectionate Father
· discover performance-free grace in the fullness of what Christ has done
· put an end to religious striving and self-effort
· find victory over the power of sin so you can be both holy and happy
· be the hands and feet of Jesus accomplishing His justice in the world

Joy is not some nice-to-have "bonus" of the Christian faith. With Jesus living inside you through the Spirit, you can experience the bliss of God's presence as you walk out your calling with purpose and power!

"Wow! I love this book, this man and this message!"--from the foreword by Bill Johnson


"Georgian has always been a carrier of contagious joy and a global ambassador of the Gospel. His testimony will set you ablaze with fresh faith to experience the fullness of the abundant life that is in Jesus!"

Dr. Ché Ahn, founder and president, Harvest International Ministry; founding and senior pastor, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena, California; international chancellor, Wagner University

"Joy is not a wish or a want. Joy is a weapon! Georgian personifies joy and has stewarded this ministry well to the Body of Christ at large. Joy has been Georgian's weapon to transform culture, and those who do not understand the fuel that joy provides in the long road ahead are in danger of selling their car to pay for their petrol. I highly recommend this read for those who do not wish to make that fatal error."

Tomi Arayomi, RIG Nation

"Georgian Banov is one of the most joyous people I know. His unique background and powerful Holy Spirit encounters have enabled him to walk in and share the joy of the Lord like none other that I know. He's a dear friend. We've been on several missions together, and he is always the same--extremely joyful in all circumstances. You will love this book."

John Arnott, Catch The Fire, Toronto

"Georgian and his wife have been two of our closest friends for over two decades, a constant gift to us through countless trials and celebrations. Their testimony of supernatural joy beyond every trouble in this world is something we have preached and witnessed all around the world. Be blessed by it!"

Heidi G. Baker, Ph.D., co-founder and executive chairman of the board, Iris Global

"There has never been a time when Joy! was needed more in the Body of Christ. Georgian beautifully displays this through his own life story, coupled with strong biblical teaching. I have personally witnessed Georgian bringing to disaster zones a joy that seemed like it was otherworldly, like it didn't belong among the devastation. It is because he lives out this message better than anyone I have been connected to. If you want to live with one of the richest tools God has for you, read this book and buy it for anyone who needs a dose!"

Shawn Bolz, author, Translating God, Through the Eyes of Love, Keys to Heaven's Economy; television and podcast host

"Joy can seem so elusive to so many who love Christ. But Georgian reveals in his life's story that joy can become the one constant when we realize whose it is, how much He loves us and where He resides. Drink deeply!"

Mark J. Chironna, bishop, Church On The Living Edge

"Georgian Banov is completely qualified to write this book! He is truly an 'apostle of joy' who, along with his precious wife, Winnie, and their team, has spread the joy of the Lord into some of the darkest places of the world. As you read this book, you will catch the joy of the Lord for sure. Get ready to be filled!"

Patricia King, author, minister, television host

"It has been my delight and privilege to first meet and then become a friend to one of the great modern treasures of God, rescued and utterly transformed by His grace and goodness. Escaping from his own nation already deeply hurt by an adapted ugly philosophy forcing on its sad people an inhumanly damaging control, Georgian's daring quest for freedom was finally found, not just in another country, but in Christ. It is high time we rediscover this most lovely and primary reason God made us all in the first place: joy! Go now with Georgian and Winnie to find what they both see as His game changer!"

Winkie Pratney, author and speaker

"Georgian Banov gives a masterful theological exposition of the ecstatic joy of being in God's presence and, more importantly, how to experience that joy. Get this book and learn how to have righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit every day."

Gordon Robertson, president, Christian Broadcasting Network

"Talk about joy! What a wonderful gift this long-awaited book is to the Body of Christ! Georgian's journey will inspire, encourage and provoke you to find this same freedom and joy that has marked Geogian's life. The revelation that Georgian carries has the power to transform, and the incredible fruit that has come from Georgian and Winnie's life work is testimony of this. Jump in and inhale this book--it will refresh, inspire and delight you!"

Katherine Ruonala, senior leader, Glory City Church, Brisbane, Queensland; author, Supernatural Freedom, Speak Life and Life with the Holy Spirit

"The apostle Paul tells us, 'Let joy be your continual feast' (1 Thessalonians 5:16 tpt). And what a feast you are going to have as you read this book. From living in Europe to living in ecstasy, Georgian has a message from God for us. You will gleefully discover the secrets of joy on a brand-new level. This book will rock your world and leave you wanting more joy. I found delight in every page. Get ready to receive a God-given joy that is out of this world. And get an extra copy for someone you know that needs the gift of joy!"

Brian Simmons, The Passion Translation Project

"This book is packed with great revelation about the finished work of Christ. But that is not all--it also provides the capacity to reproduce inside of you what you are reading. That probably is the power of the testimony. Georgian takes you on his life journey, and while you experience his and Winnie's adventures, you are plunging into the practical application of the revelation. Amazing!"

Martin Spreer, pastor, Christus-Gemeinde (Christ Church), Duisburg, Germany

"The infectious joy that surrounds Georgian Banov is always a game changer. When I am with him, I feel the shift to hope and life. His intense focus on the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit has been sustained for decades. His messages, his violin and now his book will fill you with the joy needed in these challenging days we live in. Get it, read it and soak in its words."

Steve Witt, founding pastor, Bethel Cleveland

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  1. Georgian Banov

    Georgian Banov

    Georgian Banov ( and his wife, Winnie, leaders of Global Celebration, are a radical team bringing joy and freedom all over the world. They were part of the core team that wrote and produced the famous children's albums Music...

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