Jesus Speaks to Teens

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Jesus Is Talking to You

Words are important. Like nothing else they have the ability to hurt, to help, or to heal. And the words that Jesus spoke two thousand years ago had—and still have—more power than any words ever spoken.

Jesus turned the world upside down with those words. He talked of life in a way people had never heard of before. And every word that Jesus spoke then is timely and relevant for your life in the twenty-first century.

Find out what Jesus wants you to know about all the things that matter most. Jesus Speaks to Teens is more than meditations and deeper than devotions—it puts you face-to-face with the real words of Jesus, and shows you how to apply his transforming spiritual trust to your heart, mind, soul, and every circumstance you face.

Jesus is speaking. To you. Listening closely to him will make all the difference in how you look at yesterday, how you enjoy today, and how you face tomorrow.