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Could You Use Some Help Sharing Your Faith?

Sharing our faith is a daunting task for most believers. Who doesn't feel apprehensive walking up to a stranger and talking about Jesus? We want to reach others with the Gospel, and we know we should step out into the harvest fields. But where do we start?

Scott McNamara is an effective evangelist who trains even the shyest believers to experience the thrill of bringing the lost to Jesus. By following the Equipping Card provided in this book, you can partner with the Holy Spirit, working individually or in groups, to grow in Spirit-led evangelism. McNamara will help you

· learn the easy-to-follow steps of Jesus at the Door
· use the Equipping Card effectively
· help teach friends and church groups
· and more

Once you learn how to identify those who are eager to hear about Jesus, you will find success in winning the lost that will surprise you. Let this book guide you to becoming a faithful reaper for the Gospel. Your life--and the lives of those you touch--will never be the same!

"Scott has demystified the often-dreaded work of evangelism, making it easy, simple and powerful. Once you see how effective you can be in winning souls, you will be hooked!"--from the foreword by Daniel Kolenda, president and CEO, Christ for All Nations

Scott McNamara
is an evangelist and founder of Jesus at the Door, a simple Gospel-driven model. Originally from Liverpool, England, he travels the world equipping the Body of Christ to become rescuers and not just spectators. Scott was featured in the Christian documentary Finger of God 2. He and his wife, Jaye, and their four children are headquartered in Woodland, Washington, at The Promise Church. Learn more at


"Scott McNamara is a gifted evangelist with personal experience of the Holy Spirit changing lives today."

Nicky Gumbel, pioneer, Alpha; vicar, HTB, London

"We've been hugely inspired and encouraged as a church by Scott and his ministry. His passion and enthusiasm for reaching the lost is infectious and has left a lasting mark on us."

Tim Hughes, St Luke's Gas Street

"The principles in this book have revolutionized my life as a Catholic. When Scott shared them with me, they lit a fire under me to start sharing the Gospel the way I always wanted to but never knew how. This book is going to challenge, encourage and equip you to do what Jesus told us to do."

Fr. Columba Jordan, CFR, Catholic priest and member of the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

"Jesus at the Door is the most effective evangelism tool I have ever come across and personally used. This guide will not only take you wonderfully through the nine step Jesus at the Door process but also give you a fiery passion to reach the lost and partner with God to see lives transformed by the Gospel!"

Reuben Morley, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

"I've been encouraged in every encounter I've had with Scott. He's a relentlessly positive, joyful evangelist that practices what he preaches every single day. So many of us struggle in sharing our faith. We need simple, powerful tools to help us experience the joy of seeing people respond to the Good News. Do we believe God can and will use us, as we obey? That the Holy Spirit is going before us every day? That evangelism is joining the Holy Spirit in a conversation he's already having with someone? Read Jesus at the Door and get ready for the journey of a lifetime."

Kevin Palau, president, Luis Palau Association

"Scott has an incredible gift, the very rare combination of a five-fold evangelist and teacher. Jesus at the Door breathes the very heart of God to our world at this time. It empowers and equips believers in a way that I've never seen before. I recommend this to every Christian."

Roger Pearce, apostolic leader, Every Nation Southern Africa

"Scott and Jaye McNamara are going to change the world with Jesus at the Door. I have seen it firsthand out on the streets and even at Korn's concerts. God's presence is in this ministry in a very unique way. I can honestly say I have not seen the dramatic aftereffects with follow-up and discipleship in other ministries like I have seen with Jesus at the Door."

Brian "Head" Welch, co-founder of the Grammy Award-winning band Korn; New York Times bestselling author, Save Me from Myself; co-star, Loud Krazy Love

"Scott McNamara is a firebrand of the faith. His passion for evangelism and insights into reaching the lost have inspired and enriched us. His Jesus at the Door model has been a blessing to our church, helping many of us get out of our comfort zones and share the Gospel."

John and Debby Wright, senior pastors, Trent Vineyard, Nottingham, England; national directors, Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland

"With over seven billion people on the planet and millions who haven't heard the Gospel once, the time has never been more urgent for the Body of Christ to be activated. God has raised Scott McNamara up as an effective evangelist who has equipped and empowered hundreds of people to go! Will you be one of them?"

Tom Crandall, director of Young Saints and overseer of evangelism, Bethel Church, Redding, California

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  1. Scott McNamara

    Scott McNamara

    Scott McNamara ( is an evangelist and founder of Jesus at the Door, a simple Gospel-driven model. Originally from Liverpool, England, he travels the world equipping the Body of Christ to become rescuers and not just spectators. Scott was...

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