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J. I. Packer and the Evangelical Future

The Impact of His Life and Thought

series: Beeson Divinity Studies

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"Each of the essays makes for delightful reading. . . . A wonderful contribution both to Professor Packer's theology in particular and to evangelical thought and spirituality more broadly."--Hans Boermsa, Expository Times
J. I. Packer is one of the most significant evangelical theologians of the last one hundred years. He has had a deep and encompassing influence on many renewal movements within North American Christianity and has become a highly regarded leader in the world Christian movement through his many books and lectures around the globe.

Here a stellar team of scholars examines some of the major aspects of Packer's life and thought. The contributors analyze and assess Packer's impact on evangelicalism over the past half century, ask what more we can learn from him about ministry and the evangelical future, and suggest a way forward for evangelical theology. J. I. Packer himself offers a response and reflection. The book also includes a full bibliography of Packer's writings, which is the most comprehensive listing of his writings in print.

Charles W. Colson

Mark E. Dever

Timothy George

D. Bruce Hindmarsh

Paul R. House

Edith M. Humphrey

James Earl Massey

Alister E. McGrath

David Neff

Richard John Neuhaus

Donald J. Payne

Carl R. Trueman
J. I. Packer

The Author

  1. Timothy George

    Timothy George

    Timothy George (ThD, Harvard University) is founding dean and professor of divinity, history, and doctrine at Beeson Divinity School, Samford University, in Birmingham, Alabama. He is the author or editor of numerous books, including Theology of the...

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"History lovers have to appreciate a book that charts the evangelical future by looking back on the life and legacy of a great theologian. Of course, such a strategy of turning back to find your way forward perfectly suits J. I. Packer. As an accomplished historian and theologian, Packer finds cures for what ails contemporary evangelicalism by exploring the contributions of spiritual giants such as the Puritans. So we expect nothing less than prescriptive retrospective from J. I. Packer and the Evangelical Future. . . . As we have witnessed over the lifetime of this faithful minister, trust in the God who inspired his Word without error contributes to a lifestyle of faithful scholarship and service."--Collin Hansen, Christian History blog

"Students of J. I. Packer's beloved Puritans may hear echoes of John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress throughout this volume. Turning the pages feels like walking through the Interpreter's House, with each essay introducing a series of poignant lessons from the Anglican theologian. . . . When historians examine the life of Packer, this volume will serve as a useful starting point."--Chris Castaldo, Christianity Today

"Perhaps no other figure towers above modern evangelicalism like J. I. Packer. . . . In honor of Packer's life and ministry, Timothy F. George has assembled some of the world's best pastors and theologians to write about those aspects of doctrine, theology, and church history which have personally impacted Packer's life and through him the modern church."--Douglas Baker,

"[This book] celebrates the life and thought of J. I. Packer, evangelicalism's premier theologian. . . . Many of the essays address his theology directly. In the process, the reader learns about key concerns in Professor Packer's thought. . . . Other essays take a certain aspect of Packer's theology and draw on it in order to discuss issues of concern to contemporary evangelical thought. . . . The book concludes with a helpful bibliography of Packer's works. . . . Each of the essays makes for delightful reading. . . . This book--suitably devoted to the memory of Fr. Richard John Neuhaus--constitutes a wonderful contribution both to Professor Packer's theology in particular and to evangelical thought and spirituality more broadly."--Hans Boermsa, Expository Times

"For those interested in evangelical theology, this book . . . offer[s] occasions for reflection on where it can and should go as prompted by the work of a significant contemporary voice."--W. David Buschart, Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology