Intuitive Leadership

Embracing a Paradigm of Narrative, Metaphor, and Chaos

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As our culture shifts from modern to postmodern, pastors and church leaders are finding that old, rigid church leadership systems and structures no longer seem to work. Church leaders are searching for and discovering new, creative ways of leading--emphasizing intuition, creativity, narrative, and an embrace of the chaos and tension of our time.
Tim Keel, pastor of a thriving emergent church and a rising leader in the emergent church movement, offers a thought-provoking yet practical exploration of this new style he calls Intuitive Leadership. His fresh approach will be welcomed by pastors and lay leaders interested in the emergent conversation and how Christian mission should look in our rapidly changing culture.


"Tim Keel writes with the eye of an artist, the heart of a pastor, the mind of a philosopher, and the hope of a visionary. His intuitions will inspire your own, and his voice will add so much to the conversation about what is emerging in our lives, churches, and world."
Brian McLaren, author/speaker (

"Tim Keel has written a fascinating and engaging book that will quickly become both a starting point and a standard bearer for thinking about leadership in the emerging church. In addition to reimagining the nature of leadership, it also offers an implicit and enticing portrait of the type of community that will be formed in response to the vision and values described in these pages. In other words, if we follow the direction set forth in this volume, things will start to look different in the church. For many of us, that's a reason to hope that this book is widely read."
John R. Franke, professor of theology, Biblical Seminary

"Deeply personal and human in its approach, Intuitive Leadership both charms the mind and informs the heart. The result is a wise and gentle tracing of the contours of postmodernism that is as healing as it is liberating."
Phyllis Tickle, contributing editor in religion, Publishers Weekly

"Read Tim Keel's book. Let it invite you to connect with your stories, the markers along the road that have been shaping you so far. Let it permit you to give voice to your questions. . . . Let's see how these narratives and the metaphors shaping your life might provide all kinds of clues for the risky ways in which God is calling you to embrace the chaos of our time with hope and expectation. Thanks, Tim! You resisted an answer book and in so doing invited others to embrace the radical hope of God's future."
From the foreword by Alan J. Roxburgh, director, Allelon Center for Missional Leadership, Allelon Missional Leadership Network

"Erudite, eloquent, and engaging, Tim Keel's Intuitive Leadership is a landmark in pastoral ministry, for he brings together the multiple streams of emerging church, postmodernity, media theory, biblical interpretation, church planting, cultural studies, and holistic, missional life. This book is destined to be a church leadership classic."
Tony Jones, national coordinator of Emergent Village; author The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier

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  1. Tim Keel

    Tim Keel

    Tim Keel is the founding pastor of Jacob's Well, a growing church in Kansas City, Missouri, and serves on the board of directors for Emergent Village. He is passionate about creating spaces for people to connect to God, themselves, others, and the surrounding...

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