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Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

Participating in God’s Story of Redemption

series: Foundations for Spirit-Filled Christianity

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This introduction to biblical interpretation expands the interpretive task to encompass both comprehension of the Bible's content and active participation in God's redemptive plan. The authors help readers engage with the beauty of God's Word and read it holistically for their intellectual and spiritual growth. They address the nature of interpretation; emphasize the Holy Spirit's role in the production, interpretation, and application of the Bible as a communication of the triune God; and explore the Bible's genres and historical contexts through the lens of God's redemptive story. They also provide principles and accessible guidelines for biblical interpretation in global contexts, including a simple outline for beginning students to follow as they start interpreting and applying Scripture. Above all, the authors emphasize the transformative nature of reading Scripture.

This series reflects the changing face of global Christianity. Series volumes highlight themes of interest to Pentecostal/Charismatic students; however, the books are respectful and inclusive of a variety of church traditions. Series editors are Jerry Ireland, Paul W. Lewis, and Frank D. Macchia.

Series Preface
1. Making Biblical Interpretation Personal
Part 1: The Purpose and Passion of Reading
2. Trusting the Word of God
3. Hearing the Lord through His Word within Church History
4. Spirit and the Word, and Interpretation
5. Beauty, the Bible, and the Interpreter
Part 2: Transformational Reading
6. Our Grand Narrative
7. Reading Stories
8. The Law and the Spirit
9. Poetry and Emotion
10. Prophetic Power
11. Reading the New Testament Letters
Part 3: Reading and Living
12. Daily Bread
13. Living the Word
14. Cross-Cultural Hermeneutics
15. Joining the Story
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"As you would expect and even hope, this book on biblical interpretation by a couple of Pentecostal scholars is not your traditional kind of introduction to the topic: It's personal. It's passionate. It's prayerful. It's pneumatic. It's practical. But it does the traditional things as well. It talks about inspiration and history, and it is wide-ranging and broad-minded. It will build people up so they can get the most out of the Bible."

John Goldingay, senior professor of Old Testament, Fuller Theological Seminary

"In this volume, two seasoned teachers tell stories about the church, biblical interpretation, and their own personal histories with the Bible. They do so not only with an eye to enabling wise interpretation but also with the typical Pentecostal emphasis on right actions and affections. This introduction exhibits a deep commitment to and trust in Scripture and is warmly welcomed by this teacher who is also living God's story and inviting students into it."

Holly Beers, associate professor of religious studies, Westmont College

"Grey and Lewis are to be commended for producing an introductory textbook that is pedagogically exemplary. It covers all the ground that students new to the subject are expected to know. Technical terms are kept to a minimum and clearly explained. Its distinctive Charismatic and global dimensions of interpretation should appeal to a wide readership."

Simon Chan, editor, Asia Journal of Theology

Praise for the Foundations for Spirit-Filled Christianity Series

"The church and academy are finally ready for Foundations for Spirit-Filled Christianity, which relays the insights and perspectives of mature Pentecostal and Charismatic theologians and biblical scholars on a broad array of important theological topics, doctrinal loci, and practical realities. Pentecostal theologians from around the world are now ready to speak in their own accents in ways that will benefit the church catholic."

Amos Yong, professor of theology and mission, Fuller Theological Seminary

"I am amazed at how North American and European Christians continue to ignore the dramatic changes in global Christianity. These changes are not insignificant. They call for serious revisions in the Christian mission, ecumenism, and theological training. One of the most dramatic shifts has been the rapid rise of Pentecostal/Charismatic spirituality. It is safe to say that in all forms of the global church--Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox--people are increasingly seeing themselves as Spirit-filled believers. Unfortunately, colleges and seminaries often lack textbooks that address these changes. This series, Foundations for Spirit-Filled Christianity, is a timely intervention, one that will certainly help to fill this gap."

Cheryl Bridges Johns, director of the Global Pentecostal House of Study and visiting professor, United Theological Seminary

"The Foundations for Spirit-Filled Christianity series rightly identifies the pivotal role of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in shaping tomorrow's global Christianity and addresses the shortage of resources for training future leaders. The titles of the series will serve this Christian family's continuing growth by providing textbooks for its theological education."

Wonsuk Ma, dean, College of Theology and Ministry, Oral Roberts University

The Authors

  1. Jacqueline Grey

    Jacqueline Grey

    Jacqueline Grey (PhD, Charles Sturt University) is professor of biblical studies at Alphacrucis University College in Sydney, Australia. She is also a research fellow with the University of South Africa and the Centre for Pentecostal Theology.

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  2. Paul W. Lewis

    Paul W. Lewis

    Paul W. Lewis (PhD, Baylor University) is professor of historical theology and intercultural studies at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Evangel University, in Springfield, Missouri.

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