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Introducing Islam Set, 3 Volumes

series: Introducing Islam

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This set of resources provides readers with a basic introduction to Islam. Ayman Ibrahim helps readers learn about Muslims, their beliefs, their scripture, their prophet, and key Islamic concepts and terms. Volumes include:

· A Concise Guide to the Quran: Answering Thirty Critical Questions
· A Concise Guide to the Life of Muhammad: Answering Thirty Key Questions
· A Concise Guide to Islam: Defining Key Concepts and Terms

A Concise Guide to the Quran
offers a clear and concise guide to the history and contents of the Quran, covering thirty common questions.

A Concise Guide to the Life of Muhammad answers thirty common questions about Muhammad, providing an accessible guide to his life and religious significance.

A Concise Guide to Islam presents explanations for more than 100 important Islamic concepts and terms.

This set is valuable for students of Islam, lay readers interested in Islam, and those moving to or visiting locations where Islam is prevalent.

The Author

  1. Ayman S. Ibrahim

    Ayman S. Ibrahim

    Ayman S. Ibrahim (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary; PhD, Haifa University) is Bill and Connie Jenkins Professor of Islamic Studies and director of the Jenkins Center for the Christian Understanding of Islam at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in...

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