Introducing Christian Education

Foundations for the Twenty-first Century

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"Covers the entire gamut of Christian education. . . . An important resource for an introductory survey course on Christian education."--Robert C. De Vries, Calvin Theological Journal


Building on the success of his 1992 collection Foundations of Ministry (over 15,000 sold), Michael Anthony has prepared this new guide to Christian education with the help of contributors from throughout the North American Professors of Christian Education (NAPCE) organization. Introducing Christian Education fills the need in the C.E. curriculum for an introductory foundations textbook--one that provides an overview and understanding of the broad range of subjects included in C.E.--for college and seminary use.

Thirty-three chapters are offered under the following sections: 1) Foundations of C.E.; 2) Developmental Perspectives of C.E.; 3) Educational Implications of C.E.; 4) Organization, Administration, and Leadership; 5) C.E. Applied to the Family; and 6) Specialized Ministries.

Representative selections from the book include:

Jesus: The Master Teacher by Robert W. Pazmino
Small Groups in the Local Church by Julie Gorman
Theological Foundations of Christian Education by Klaus Issler
The Teaching-Learning Process by Ted Ward

The Author

  1. Michael J. Anthony

    Michael J. Anthony

    Michael J. Anthony (PhD, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; PhD, Claremont Graduate School) is research professor of Christian education at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, where he taught full-time for twenty-seven years. He currently...

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"A worthy addition to a high school or college library."--Church Libraries

"Covers the entire gamut of Christian education, beginning with historical, philosophical, and theological foundations and ending with a treatment of specialized ministries. . . . An important resource for an introductory survey course on Christian education. . . . I also recommend this book to churches for use in their training of teachers within their congregation."--Robert C. De Vries, Calvin Theological Journal

"This is a great introduction to the foundations of Christian education in the 21st century, which covers and is worthy of use as a textbook. The book offers the reflective writings of current scholars in the field covering Christian Education topics. . . . These topics not only describe the scope of the field, but also are key to understanding many of the curriculum issues in this field."--Karen L. Estep, Christian Education Journal