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Let the Holy Spirit Bring Your Heart Back to Life

Most of us need help to look at the pain and fear that grip our lives and to find the courage and stamina it takes to do the work to be free. You are not alone in your efforts. God is eager to work with you to create unprecedented beauty from your ashes, and to deliver and restore you to health and wholeness.

Using her personal story of ongoing inner healing and deliverance, prophetic leader and pastor Jennifer Eivaz equips you with biblical and practical tools that will lead you into full restoration. She provides support and encouragement for you to uproot every lie coming against you as a child of God.

Jesus is asking, "Do you want to be made well?" With the help of the Holy Spirit to implement His plan using tools He gives you--the Word, prayer, counseling, declarations and more--you can find healing for all the damage of your past.

"With transparency and powerful insights from Scripture, Jennifer Eivaz reveals how God has been faithful to heal the deepest wounds imaginable in her own life and in the lives of many others. This is an invitation for every reader to experience supernatural freedom that is found in Jesus Christ."--Dr. Ché Ahn, president, Harvest International Ministry


"Jennifer Eivaz has done a masterful job addressing many of the deep wounds and traumas we might experience. In this book you will find hope, healing and deliverance to live a life of purpose and divine design. Read this book and discover God's redeeming power for you!"

Sarah Bowling, founder, Saving Moses; author, Hey God, Can We Talk?

"What you hold in your hand right now is an incredible gift. The weight of revelation in these pages is incredible. They are filled with such insight, revelation and wisdom for you to partner with the Holy Spirit through inner healing and deliverance to walk in greater manifestation of the freedom that is yours in Christ. Get ready to be untethered."

Lana Vawser, author, speaker, prophetic voice, Lana Vawser Ministries

"Jennifer Eivaz, in her book Inner Healing and Deliverance Handbook, has created a very powerful weapon for freedom. Through her own vulnerability and darkest personal battles, she lays out a pathway of personal deliverance for every believer. Each chapter finishes with a prayer that leads you not only to wholeness and well-being, but to a confidence that Christ is indeed our great deliverer."

Pablo Botarri, author, Free in Christ

"Many people need not only physical healing but also emotional healing of the soul. This book places an emphasis on the hidden part of man that needs restoration. It will give you insight and revelation on how to minister to the inner man. Jennifer Eivaz has seen miracles in this area for many years and has done a phenomenal job in raising an army of believers to help those in need."

John Eckhardt, apostle, Crusaders Church; author, Prayers That Rout Demons

"Whenever we share testimonies of what Jesus has done for us, faith is prophetically released for God to do the same miracles for others (see Revelation 19:10). With transparency and powerful insights from Scripture, Jennifer Eivaz reveals how God has been faithful to heal the deepest wounds imaginable in her own life and in the lives of many others. These are stories of true, lasting healing and deliverance--and an invitation for every reader to experience supernatural freedom that is found in Jesus Christ."

Dr. Ché Ahn, president, Harvest International Ministry; senior pastor, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena, California; international chancellor, Wagner University

"This is one of the most powerful, practical, well-balanced and healthy books we have read on the subject of inner healing and deliverance. Full of road-tested wisdom and truths, it is written in a very compelling and engaging way. Our friend Jennifer Eivaz has recounted with great vulnerability her own gripping journey to healing and deliverance and how the tools and truths she learned have then equipped her to very successfully be able to lead so many others around the world into their own healing, deliverance and freedom. This is an upgrade of wisdom that we all need in this hour, as a great harvest is coming in and with them an urgent need for freedom. It truly is our great honor to recommend Inner Healing and Deliverance Handbook to you."

Ben and Jodie Hughes, Pour It Out Ministries; authors, When God Breaks In, The King's Decree and The King's Prophetic Voice

"This is an awesome book! Jennifer Eivaz has given us a passport to begin the journey of healing and wholeness for our lives. The Lord has raised Jennifer up as an incredible example of a life delivered from demonic oppression and healed from deep brokenness. There has always been a tension between those who believe inner healing is the answer and those who believe deliverance is the answer. This book masterfully shows and guides us into the understanding that they both are necessary for our healing and freedom as believers. This generation is under an all-out assault from demonic powers, pain, fear and trauma. The Lord has raised up Jennifer Eivaz as an ambassador and voice of prophetic freedom. Her life is proof of what God can do! This book is a roadmap to let God bring the same healing and liberty Jennifer has into your life. It's so important that every believer is equipped to minister to a broken, bound and traumatized generation of hurting people. This book will give you the keys to unlock people from whatever prison they've been locked in."

Dr. Michael Maiden, lead pastor, Church for the Nations

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    Jennifer Eivaz

    Jennifer Eivaz ( is a bestselling author, minister, and international conference speaker with a heart to equip believers in the supernatural, as well as to raise up passionate and effective prayer warriors. She hosts the popular podcast...

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