How to Stay Standing

3 Essential Practices for Building a Faith That Lasts

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Trouble in life is inevitable. Collapse is not.

You want to live a "good life" and be a "good person," but life can shift right under your feet and get messy and unpredictable. How do you stay strong and hopeful when you see cracks forming in your relationships, at work, or even in your own character? Is your faith strong enough to help you stand when life tries to knock you down?

In How to Stay Standing, Alli Patterson will show you how to build a faith that can withstand anything the world throws at it. Drawing insight from the parable of the wise and foolish builders, Alli helps you get honest about the foundation you are building on and offers three simple rhythms revealed from the words of Jesus--come, hear, practice--that will produce a faith that cannot be shaken and a life that stands firm.

You already know the place in your life where something is just not working right now. But the next storm doesn't have to take you down. The waters may be rising, but Jesus left you the wisdom and practical help you need to stay standing.

"Alli Patterson's contagious joy and generous spirit make her a trusted guide through Scripture to help you build a life--and faith--that can stand against anything." -- Lisa Harper, speaker, Bible teacher, and bestselling author of Life 100 Day Devotional


"Alli Patterson's contagious joy and generous spirit make her a trusted guide through Scripture to help you build a life--and faith--that can stand against anything. Honest about her failures and loving pursuit of God, this book will bring a fresh energy to your understanding of the Bible."

Lisa Harper, speaker, Bible teacher, and bestselling author of Life 100 Day Devotional

"I know few people who have more infectious joy about all things Bible as Alli. I'm thankful for her as my personal friend and as a gifted teacher with the ability to unpack both the theological and the practical sides of Scripture. Her insight will be a gift to any reader who picks this book up."

Brian Tome, founding and senior pastor of Crossroads Church, author, and host of The Aggressive Life podcast

"How to Stay Standing shows us how to build a faith that endures even the roughest storms. Through vulnerable honesty and biblical truths, Patterson gives practical, actionable steps on how to build a rock-solid life by building our lives on Jesus. It takes intentionality, but it is life changing and will help us stay standing no matter what comes our way."

Laura L. Smith, bestselling author of Restore My Soul and How Sweet the Sound

"I've been blessed to sit under Alli Patterson's teaching for the last fifteen years as her friend and fellow pastor at Crossroads. In How to Stay Standing, she shares her God-given gift for making a love of the Bible contagious and super practical. Read this book and watch the God of the Bible come alive in a new way!"

Chuck Mingo, pastor and CEO of LivingUNDIVIDED and WorkingUNDIVIDED

"In How to Stay Standing, Alli Patterson shares powerful, personal insights and biblical wisdom to keep you standing firm in a fallen world. Her authenticity, understanding, and knowledge of the Word will forever change your life."

Richard & Brittni De La Mora, founders of

"Faith seems the least likely thing to stand on. What if this substance is stronger than we think? Take a step of faith and read Alli's words. Then let's do what she teaches--come, hear, and practice."

Shauna Pilgreen, author of Love Where You Live

"If you are looking to be incredibly inspired--with very practical ways to connect with and enjoy God--this book is it. I found myself pausing, reflecting, and talking to God as I read her words. Alli has a way of writing that makes you stop and want more of God. My foundation is growing deeper and wider because of this book, and so will yours."

Amy Seiffert, speaker and author of Starved and Grace Looks Amazing on You

"With refreshing honesty and authenticity, Alli Patterson leads us to bring every single part of who we are to Jesus, even when we're desperate, distracted, or doubtful. How to Stay Standing is a fresh, insightful, and practical guide to bringing your true self--all of who you are--into a vital, real relationship with the One who made you."

Dr. Alison Cook, psychologist and author of The Best of You and Boundaries for Your Soul

"How to Stay Standing is a book we need right now. It's tempting to quit, sit, and wallow in our pain and disappointment, and for good reason. But we need to learn to get up again and not just live to fight another day but overcome the pervasive fear and sense of overwhelm in our culture. Alli teaches people to show up and tell the truth, to own their story and settle their soul, to expect resistance and grow in perseverance. She's a wise, funny teacher, and this book will bless you."

Ashley Abercrombie, author of Rise of the Truth Teller and Love Is the Resistance; cohost of the Why Tho podcast

"There's nothing like a life storm to make us realize how desperately we need a firm foundation. In the midst of swirling chaos, we long for something solid to stand on. Perhaps we intuitively know--in a Sunday School "fill in the blank" kind of way--that the answer to finding our footing in life is "Jesus," but often we still wonder "how?" In How to Stay Standing, Alli Patterson shares three practices that are doable yet deep. With her unique blend of clear biblical insight, relatable storytelling, and pastoral heart, she invites us to take her hand and join her on stable ground. Discipleship doesn't have to be fancy to be firm, and Alli charts a path which everyone everywhere can put into practice."

Bronwyn Lea, pastor and author of Beyond Awkward Side Hugs

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  1. Alli Patterson
    Regan Yoakam of Regan Hope Media

    Alli Patterson

    Alli Patterson is passionate about helping others build a life on the firm foundation of Jesus's truth and grace. She holds a master's degree in biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and is a teaching pastor at Crossroads Church. She lives with her...

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