Hope after Church Hurt

How to Heal, Reengage, and Rediscover God’s Heart for You

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The people of God hurt you--but the heart of God is to heal you.

Written for anyone wounded in a place of worship, and unsure how to move forward in their faith, this powerful book is an insightful and honest guide into eight unique types of church hurt--and how to heal from them. 

Having helped thousands move from anger, distrust, apathy, and heartache to safely reengaging in their faith--and local church--Pastor Joe Dobbins offers compassion, wisdom, and practical advice to help you

· understand why church hurt is so potent and hard to address
· break free from bad beliefs, self-defeating patterns, and cycles of pain
· discover the way to inner healing
· release your pain and reframe your story
· find the courage to reengage in a faith community 
· protect yourself in the future

The pain of church hurt is real. But so is the hope of healing--and that healing can begin today.

The Author

  1. Joe Dobbins
    Nolan Manning

    Joe Dobbins

    Joe Dobbins is the lead pastor of Twin Rivers Church. A popular speaker, leadership coach, and strategic thinker, he serves on multiple executive boards for global ministries and universities. He and his wife, Kayla, have five children and live in St. Louis,...

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