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No matter how big an organization, we all do ministry with a team, whether paid or volunteer. Anyone who has been part of a great team knows it's something special. When there is good chemistry, everyone is operating from their sweet spot, the objectives are clear, and kingdom progress is being made, it is incredibly fulfilling and fun.

On the flip side, we're painfully aware what happens when there is dysfunction in the team--stress, tension, politics, and posturing. It's not much fun for anyone, and we end up squandering our divine assignment.

Lance Witt, founder of Replenish ministries and a former executive and teaching pastor at Saddleback Church, knows what it takes to keep teams functioning at the highest level of impact. He shows leaders how to build next-level teams that are spiritually, emotionally, and relationally healthy and productive and high-performing. Short, to-the-point chapters make the book easy to digest and the perfect resource for your team to read through together.


"Lance lives and breathes team. High-Impact Teams is a great resource for helping you build a healthy and high-performing team."

John Ortberg, senior pastor, Menlo Church; author, I'd Like You More If You Were More Like Me

"Healthy teams are essential to healthy churches. In High-Impact Teams, Lance Witt clearly defines what a healthy, high-impact team is really made of--and gives us all the game plan for building many of them. Lance's wisdom and insight come from years in the trenches doing the hard work of good team building. I'm beyond excited to have this resource to study with my staff and volunteer team leaders at The Journey."

Nelson Searcy, founder and lead pastor, The Journey Church NYC; founder, Church Leader Insights, www.churchleaderinsights.com; author, The Renegade Pastor

"Lance is doing some of the most important work in the church--he's caring for people's souls. In High-Impact Teams, he takes it to another level, showing you how health can meet high performance. Here's the great news Lance shares: you don't need to sacrifice performance to get healthy, nor do you need to sacrifice health to perform."

Carey Nieuwhof, founding pastor, Connexus Church

"Lance Witt consistently reminds me that 'healthy things grow.' Lance is one of the best go-to resources for pastoral health in the world. Now he brings his knowledge to the team level. No matter what size your church or team is, you can be healthier. Which means you can grow more. Start now by reading High-Impact Teams."

William Vanderbloemen, CEO and founder, Vanderbloemen Search Group

"Lance Witt is a master at building healthy and effective teams--and this book is more evidence that we can all learn from his expertise and wisdom. Read this book, but don't do it alone. As your entire team processes this book together, you will grow in synergy, partnership, and achievement."

Lee Strobel, bestselling author and professor at Houston Baptist University

"If you are building a team or are on a team, get this book. It's the absolute best single resource I've ever come across. This book is a gold mine for team development and problem-solving, delivered in short, bite-size chapters. The chapter titled 'Doing vs. Developing' alone is worth the price of the book. I am deeply indebted to Lance's teaching and coaching of me and our staff the last few years. As we have applied the principles in this book, the results have been so encouraging--health and productivity."

Chip Ingram, teaching pastor, Living on the Edge; author, The Real God

"Lance Witt is a pastor's pastor and knows firsthand the challenges of leading with both courage and compassion. He combines personal experience with keen insight into Scripture to provide practical guidelines. High-Impact Teams is the perfect field guide for anyone who wants to strengthen their team and their relationship with God."

Chris Hodges, senior pastor, Church of the Highlands; author, Fresh Air and The Daniel Dilemma

"Through powerful and inspirational stories, Lance Witt compellingly unpacks the importance of building healthy and effective teams. The principles found in this book are based on Scripture, but that doesn't mean it's for only pastors. This book is a must-read for all leaders. If you read this book with an open heart and mind, I know you'll receive revelation and insight to strengthen your leadership skills and build teams that perform at the highest levels."

Robert Morris, founding senior pastor, Gateway Church; bestselling author, The Blessed Life, The God I Never Knew, and Frequency

"During my many years of working with churches, I've seen spiritually and emotionally healthy teams accomplish very little because no real attention was paid to performance. I've also seen high-performing teams experience brief moments of accomplishment only to fall apart because the team wasn't healthy. Finally, we have a book that helps us tackle both health and performance. It's only through the 'and' that churches can develop truly High-Impact Teams."

Tony Morgan, lead strategist and founder, The Unstuck Group

"For four years now, Lance Witt has been my coach. We meet together, skype, email, and talk on the phone. His insight, experience, and wisdom have drastically improved my leadership. But he is only one guy and his calendar fills up. That is why this incredible book is such a gift. Welcome to Lance's unique classroom; you will be a more caring and effective leader if you pull up a chair."

Pete Briscoe, senior pastor, Bent Tree Bible fellowship

"Lance has a heart for God, a passion for people, and a healthy approach to ministry that he practices and preaches. He is a seasoned ministry veteran who has not let the waves of ministry capsize him. Marinate in the wisdom of this book and you will find health in the midst of high impact. Having this book is like having a coach with you at all times."

Craig Jutila, family pastor, Venture Christian Church; founder and president Empowered Living; author, Hectic to Healthy

"We all want to be part of a healthy team. In this Biblically based, easy-to-read book, Lance provides the key principles and tools needed to move your team toward greater health and productivity. I will be calling on all our staff teams to go through it together and highly recommend you do the same. On this topic, I am not aware of a more valuable resource and will be referring to it for years to come."

Dr. Henry Schorr, Centre Street Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"You are holding the best book you can ever read with your team. With Lance as an expert guide, learn to go faster and further as you grow healthier together."

Will Mancini, founder, Auxano; author, God Dreams 

"My friend Lance Witt is unusually gifted in discerning the needs of leaders and extraordinarily clear in communicating strategies for health and fruitful ministry impact. Through his speaking, consulting, and writing, Lance has brought countless leaders from the brink of burnout to the strike zone of spiritual fruitfulness. This book delivers Lance's wisdom right to the heart of the staff meeting, the board room, and the very culture of your organization. As you absorb the principles of High-Impact Teams, you will become a better leader, your organization will embrace better rhythms, and the people you serve will be deeply grateful."

Daniel Henderson, president, Strategic Renewal International; author, Old Paths, New Power 

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    Lance Witt is the founder of Replenish ministries, the author of Replenish the book, and is often referred to as a pastor's pastor. Before launching Replenish, Lance served twenty years as a senior pastor and six years as an executive/teaching pastor at...

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