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Hermeneutics, 2nd Edition

Principles and Processes of Biblical Interpretation

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This accessible text, which combines hermeneutical theory with practical steps for exegesis, has been translated into eight languages and has been used in a variety of settings to teach students how to study the Bible responsibly. The authors outline a five-step hermeneutical procedure that includes: (1) historical-cultural and contextual analysis, (2) lexical-syntactical analysis, (3) theological analysis, (4) genre identification and analysis, and (5) application. The second edition adds co-author Karelynne Gerber Ayayo and includes updated material covering developments in hermeneutics over the past twenty years.

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Contents Preface 1. Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics 2. The History of Biblical Interpretation 3. Historical-Cultural and Contextual Analysis 4. Lexical-Syntactical Analysis 5. Theological Analysis 6. Special Literary Forms: Similes, Metaphors, Proverbs, Parables, and Allegories 7. Special Literary Forms: Prophecy, Apocalyptic Literature, and Types 8. Applying the Biblical Message: A Proposal for the Transcultural Problem Epilogue: The Task of the Minister Summary: The Processes Involved in Interpretation and Application of a Scriptural Text Appendixes: A. A Sample Bibliography of Works relating to Hermeneutics from Various Theological Viewpoints B. Readings on Revelation, Inspiration, and Inerrancy from a Variety of Theological Perspectives C. A Bibliography on Sensus Plenior D. Computer-Based Resources for Exegetical Study E. Instructor’s Resource CD Bibliography Subject Index Scripture Index

The Authors

  1. Henry A. Virkler
    © Ken Touchton/ Palm Beach Atlantic University

    Henry A. Virkler

    Henry A. Virkler (PhD, Georgia State University), now retired, taught as a counselor educator for forty-two years at Richmont Graduate University, Liberty University, and Palm Beach Atlantic University. He lives in Riviera Beach, Florida.

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  2. Karelynne Ayayo

    Karelynne Ayayo

    Karelynne Gerber Ayayo (ThD, Boston University) is professor of biblical and theological studies and associate dean at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida. She contributed numerous articles to The Baker Illustrated Study Bible...

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"This edition includes developments in hermeneutics over the past two decades. Written primarily as a textbook on biblical interpretation, it will be of value to church leaders who have never had any serious study in this area or who are looking for a refresher."--PreachingNow

"This attractively presented textbook updates Virkler's first edition. . . . New material has been added . . . while other parts have been expanded. The book's structure and pedagogical goals are clear, with each chapter containing an initial outline of its learning goals and a concluding summary along with sectional bibliographies and exercises to reinforce the main points covered. . . . A free instructor's CD-ROM is also available from the publisher."--D. G. Firth, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament

"This second edition . . . incorporates insights from the more recent hermeneutical literature that has appeared since the first edition's publication. . . . The unique contribution of Virkler and Ayayo is that they make that which is exceedingly complicated more accessible to the beginning student of hermeneutics. For this they should be commended. . . . The work's greatest strength is that it presents a complex subject in a clear, understandable manner. Technical words are defined simply so that even one who is unfamiliar with difficult hermeneutical jargon is able to comprehend. Furthermore, Virkler and Ayayo include helpful learning aids that further clarify the content of each chapter."--Michael L. Bryant, Criswell Theological Review

Praise for the previous edition:
"A useful introduction to the field from a psychologist who teaches at the intersection of psychology and theology. . . . [The] emphasis on practical application is a noteworthy goal which the author consistently addresses throughout the book. . . . Several features of the book commend themselves. In 250 pages the author addresses the major topics which a textbook in a hermeneutics course must cover. . . . His sensitivity to the fundamental hermeneutical problems of continuity-discontinuity . . . and cultural dynamics . . . is especially noteworthy. The chosen format is well suited to classroom use. It offers explicit goals stated at the head of each chapter, clear definitions, 'brain teasers,' summaries, practical 'exercises' (questions for discussion), and resource lists."--Timothy S. Laniak, Bulletin for Biblical Research

"[A] helpful and accessible volume. . . . Virkler deals with most of the key issues in hermeneutics. . . . He does so in language that is understandable to non-specialists. . . . His explication of the various hermeneutical approaches is evenhanded and readable. This would be an excellent text to teach hermeneutics in a church setting. Its accessibility, fairmindedness, quality, and price make it a work with wide appeal. Recommended as an introduction to biblical study for any non-specialist."--Steve W. Lemke, Southwestern Journal of Theology