Her Daddy's Eyes

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At thirty-three years of age, Allie Wilson is only three weeks away from marrying the handsome and respected Trey Thompson. She's successful, excited, and happy . . . until she comes across an old photograph of her long-lost father. Suddenly everything changes for Allie. . . her heart, her focus, and maybe even her future.

Before her reluctant fiancé and hesitant mom can stop her, Allie launches a cross-country search for a father she can't remember. And on the way she meets a few people she can't get out of her mind--including the handsome and charming Chase Mason. Is it her curiosity, her conscience, her father's wish that spurs her on? Or could it be the will of God? All Allie knows is that she has a lot of questions--and there's only one man who can give her the answers.

The Author

  1. Gary Parker

    Gary Parker

    Gary E. Parker is the author of more than twenty books. He and his family live in the Atlanta area.

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"Her Daddy's Eyes is a poignant story of beginnings, endings, faith, forgiveness and reconciliation. It will touch your heart and you will consider the truth that God's way is the right way. We highly recommend this touching story."--ArmchairInterviews.com

"Gary Parker has once again touched this reader's heart with his newest novel. Parker weaves a tale of love, faith, hope, and forgiveness that will stay with its reader for some time past the turning of the final page. I enjoyed this story very much, and will continue to seek out more of Mr. Parker's writings in the future."--RomanceJunkies.com

"An intriguing story with a very contemporary theme. A book you'll want to read from beginning to end without stopping."--1340mag.com

"A powerful story of a woman's search for her father. Keep your tissues handy. You will need them especially in the final chapters. Her Daddy's Eyes is a fantastic story. I'll be looking for more of Gary Parker's works."--RoundtheTableReviews.com

"In this touching story, author Gary Parker hits on one of the greatest needs in a woman's life--to be loved. Her Daddy's Eyes is an easy read. Allie's urgency to find her father gripped me, and I didn't want to quit reading until I discovered the answers with her. The characters and plot ... are believable and work together to produce a touching story with a satisfying end."--Novel Reviews