He Knows Your Name

How 7 Nameless Women of the Bible Reveal Christ’s Love for You

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You are seen, heard, known, and named

No matter your season of life as a woman, you long to be loved and appreciated. But perhaps most days you're left feeling unseen, unheard, or unknown.

Though centuries apart from your life today, the women who knew Jesus faced similar fears and insecurities. Their names aren't etched onto the pages of Scripture, but they are etched into the heart of God.

In this book, Paige Allen invites you to take a second look at the life-changing encounters of seven unnamed women who came face-to-face with Jesus in the Bible. Weaving personal stories with timeless biblical truths, Paige shows how just one encounter with the love of Jesus empowers you to:

· live with an unshakable sense of security and identity
· stand confident in the chaos or the silence
· trust His goodness whether your hands are empty or full
· pursue Him boldly, even in the face of censure

Daughter, you are seen, known, and named by the Creator who breathed the stars into existence--even on the days you feel invisible. This is your invitation to let go of shame and discover the courage, grace, and compassion to live seen and make Him known.


"He Knows Your Name is a must-read for women and men alike. I've known Paige Allen for many years, and she articulates straight from God's Word those sentiments that we all sense arising in our hearts: Does He see me? Does He know me? Will He be there in my need? This book hits the mark and addresses these questions of the heart by exploring some of the more obscure women who encountered God in the pages of Scripture. Paige Allen is a rising voice in our nation today!"

Randy Boyd, executive director, Prepare International

"Get the tissues ready. Paige Allen brilliantly takes nameless woman in the Bible and somehow allows us to see ourselves identifying with their struggles and pain. Using her own vulnerability and transparency she brings us besides still waters and assures us that He knows our name."

Maria Durso, pastor and author, Saints Church

"This book isn't only great for women, but it is great for teen girls . . . and I'm saying this as a teen girl! This book helps you connect with God on a deeper level."

Selah Allen, daughter of Paige Allen

"You are blessed to have this book in your hand. All of us feel unseen at times, and this book does a great job of unwrapping those moments, encouraging us, and filling us with glimpses of God's love. Paige so clearly and beautifully portrays Jesus's heart through the pages of He Knows Your Name. We've known Paige for nearly twenty years and have seen her minister to different groups of people worldwide, and her voice has consistently spoken God's love and presence to a variety of listeners. Paige has a credible voice that should be heard. We highly encourage all to read this book."

Dwayne and Leslie Weehunt, cofounders, SOS International Ministries

"As a businesswoman, TEDx speaker, pastor's wife, and mom, I've come across women from every sector of society and know at our core we are all asking similar questions about the value we bring to this world. In He Knows Your Name, Paige Allen speaks to these questions and brings actual hope! Women will walk away from this book with a new confidence that they matter because Jesus not only sees them but knows them too!"

Lynette Lewis, TEDx speaker, business consultant, author

"I can't wait for you to read this book! Paige gives all of us permission to identify the ways we feel nameless and yet are seen and known. Relevant and widely applicable, this book will have you reflecting on Jesus and the very intimate encounters He longs to have with you."

Laura Brandenburg, author of Not Forgotten: Unraveling Questions of Faith and Infertility

"Paige masterfully reminds us that the birthright of everyone in Christ is this: knowing we are His and He is ours--no matter how the world defines us. As you read, you'll laugh, you'll cry, and I bet you'll know and love Jesus even more than when you started."

Sara Lubbers, author of Always Love and Our God Wins

"If you've ever asked yourself the question Where do I belong?, especially as a woman in the kingdom, this book is a safe haven filled with women who have asked that same question. You will be equipped, challenged, encouraged, and inspired to surrender to Jesus all over again."

Zahriya Zachary, Bethel Music

"Paige Allen offers a fresh perspective by weaving together biblical and personal stories. You feel like she is talking directly to you! Deep spiritual truths are shared in easy-to-understand ways that leave you encouraged and challenged. Almost like being wrapped in a warm, comfy blanket. It is hard to put the book down!"

Dr. Kathy Crockett, Kathy Crockett +Co

"Paige takes you on an inspiring biblical journey peppered with her own personal stories to remind us that our Father sees, knows, and values each of us. Filled with humor, heartache, and hope, her book left me feeling like I'd just had the most precious time with a dear friend."

Karen Harmon, speaker, writer, ministry leader

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    Paige Allen

    Paige Allen (paigeallen.net) is an executive pastor at Church on the Rock in Lubbock, Texas, a vibrant and diverse multisite congregation. There, she pastors the staff and gives oversight to global missions, the New Legacy Home for Women, and Bloom Women's...

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