Habits for a Sacred Home

9 Practices from History to Anchor and Restore Modern Families

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"Habits for a Sacred Home is destined to become a classic. . . . All women who long to follow God, and to be filled with courage, should read this book. . . . Excellent in every way."--SALLY CLARKSON, bestselling author of multiple books and host of the At Home with Sally podcast

Change the world by changing your home, one habit at a time

In a world as chaotic as it is right now, it can feel downright difficult to be raising kids. Our culture has come unhinged from Christian moorings and timeless values. But Jennifer Pepito wants you to know there is hope.

A mom of seven and a mentor to mothers around the world, Jennifer helps you establish nine restorative habits and practices in your home to foster peace, simplicity, and stability during turbulent times. Leaning on the practices of historic Christians--like Saint Benedict and Amy Carmichael--this book guides you toward habits of work, prayer, hospitality, and more to create the sacred home you long for. Learn how to:

· push back chaos by finding your own rhythm
· eliminate distractions so your home becomes a place of refuge
· foster a family culture of simplicity and stability

Don't fear the future. Create a home that brings life to future generations--and shines with hope and peace in these trying times.


"Habits for a Sacred Home is destined to become a classic. Deep, insightful thoughts that give clarity to a biblical vision for home, children, family, and mission are clearly defined in the pages of this perceptive book. Jennifer is a seasoned woman and has gleaned wisdom through many aspects of life. She writes with authority. All women who long to follow God, and to be filled with courage, should read this book. I was inspired and motivated to keep following hard after God in His calling on my own life. Excellent in every way."

Sally Clarkson, author of many books, podcast host (At Home with Sally), mother of four adult children, and one who has sought to build a sacred home

"Jennifer Pepito combines her love of learning with her passion for motherhood in this inspiring collection of anecdotes and insightful practices. A time-traveler's guide to the saints and heroes of the faith, this book shows us practical ways to experience the sacred in the simple, everyday moments of life."

Ainsley Arment, founder of Wild + Free

"Habits for a Sacred Home offers the hard-earned, compassionate wisdom our homes need right now. Drawing upon the rich, diverse histories of the Benedictines and other pillars of our faith, Jennifer Pepito challenges women to push back on the darkness and decay of this world by employing a few simple practices in our days."

Jamie Erickson, author of Holy Hygge, co-host of the Mom to Mom Podcast

"In Habits for a Sacred Home, Jennifer Pepito invites us to explore the profound difference that life-giving rhythms can make in our homes and families. With powerful stories of inspiring women of faith and practical steps to determine your family values, this book will serve as a trusted guide to help you create and cultivate better habits that ultimately lead to a more peace-filled, purposeful home and life."

Crystal Paine, New York Times bestselling author, mom of six, podcast host, and founder of MoneySavingMom.com

"In a world that often feels chaotic and demanding, Habits for a Sacred Home serves as a beacon of wisdom and solace. Jennifer Pepito's words emphasize the importance of recognizing our limitations and surrendering to the love and goodness of God. This book is not just a read; it's an invitation to create a space that nourishes our souls."

Ginny Yurich, bestselling author, podcast host, and founder of 1000 Hours Outside

"For every parent seeking a return to the basics, here's your compass. By shedding light on nine tried-and-true habits formed in the homes of history's most trailblazing women, Jennifer Pepito illuminates the way toward a simpler, truer life for us all--one that is void of current controversies and trend-driven assumptions, but instead unveils the rich and foundational depth that comes from prioritizing what matters most." 

Erin Loechner, bestselling author of The Opt-Out Family and founder of Other Goose

"Jennifer Pepito's voice is so needed in this generation--the voice of a seasoned mother who both admits her struggles and points us toward the source of hope and truth: Jesus. In Habits for a Sacred Home, Jennifer lays out helpful, practical, biblical principles, interwoven with her own stories of God's grace, for recentering our homes around truth, beauty, and peace when the clamor of our culture threatens to overwhelm us."

Abbie Halberstadt, mother, influencer, and author of M Is for Mama and Hard Is Not the Same Thing as Bad

"Habits for a Sacred Home intricately intertwines faith and family, tracing a journey from Benedict to Bethune. Through shared meals and ancient prayers, Jennifer Pepito creates a tapestry of joy, intentional living, and practical wisdom. Beyond being a compelling read, it serves as a guiding companion, enriching the sacred fabric of family life with transformative habits."

Leah Boden, author of Modern Miss Mason

"Jennifer has such a gift for knowing what her readers need next. After sharing in her first book how she overcame many of the lies she was taught, the groundwork was set to begin cultivating the habits of restoration found in her newest book, Habits for a Sacred Home. Jennifer's truth telling is loving, and her teaching style is hands-on, yet approachable for all to achieve."

Kate Crocco, LCSW, author of Thinking Like a Boss and Drawing the Line and host of the Thinking Like a Boss Podcast

"Jennifer Pepito's elegant invitation to live well offers renewed hope for mothers. She captures long-held fears for our families and our world and covers them with truth. I'm more inspired than ever to follow the path of everyday women who have gone before me as hardworking, benevolent stewards and waymakers."

Amber O'Neal Johnston, author of A Place to Belong and curator of HeritageMom.com

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