God Told Me

Who to Marry, Where to Work, Which Car to Buy...And I'm Pretty Sure I'm Not Crazy

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How to listen for God's direction--in every aspect of life

Does an infinite and all-powerful God really care about the ordinary aspects of our lives? Pastor Jim Samra answers with an enthusiastic "Yes!" From the trivial to the life-changing, God cares about it all because it concerns his creatures, his creation, and his kingdom.

In this unique book, Samra unpacks biblical passages and shares fascinating true stories about God's specific guidance. He explains how to distinguish God's guiding voice from all others and provides practical advice for learning to listen.

If you have ever wanted to ask God for direction about where to live, who to marry, or how best to endure a difficult trial, God Told Me is the place to start.


"Ever wonder about how God guides? Ever wonder if he guides? Then God Told Me is for you. In this book Jim Samra sensitively and carefully guides you through the maze of what can be said about God's guidance, using a myriad of examples. It will push you to rely more on him. And that is a very good thing."--Darrell Bock, research professor of New Testament studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

"Listening is more than an art...it is a necessity. Just ask my wife, who often wonders if I have lost my hearing. Part of mastering the necessity of listening is to recognize the important voices in your life and train your heart to listen intently to them. For those of us who are followers of Christ, listening to his voice and the voice of God our father is critically important to a flourishing relationship with him. My friend Jim Samra has unraveled the often tangled mystery of recognizing God's voice and learning to follow it, to the joy of a deeper, more rewarding life as we walk according to the beat of his voice."--Dr. Joseph M. Stowell, president, Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Evangelicals are comfortable talking about their personal relationship with God, but decidedly uneasy when it comes to saying 'God told me so.' Jim Samra boldly contends that God speaks to people today to provide concrete guidance, and he is careful to root his argument in Scripture rather than personal experience, though the latter, his own and others', provides plenty of colorful illustrations. God Told Me is an important contribution to debates about decision making and the will of God, a practical guide to the process of seeking divine guidance and, more importantly, a testimony to the extraordinary shape of the ordinary Christian life."--Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Blanchard Professor of Theology, Wheaton College Graduate School

"If you desire to hear and recognize the voice of God in the flow of your daily life, you will love this book. If you believe God speaks, but are not sure how to be confident you are receiving heavenly direction, this book will bring clarity to your listening process. If you hunger for a life guided by God, this book will fill you with biblical and practical food for thought. God Told Me is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to hear and follow the voice of God."--Kevin G. Harney, pastor of Shoreline Community Church and author of The U-Turn Church

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  1. Jim Samra
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    Jim Samra

    Jim Samra is senior pastor of Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has a PhD from Oxford University, a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a BS from the University of Michigan. He is the author of The Gift of Church and Being Conformed...

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