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God the Father Almighty

A Contemporary Exploration of the Divine Attributes

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In God the Father Almighty Erickson develops a sturdy exposition of the doctrine of God. He interacts with criticism brought against the traditional view of God and offers a fresh analysis of the attributes of God in light of Scripture and the contemporary scene.

God the Father Almighty is a companion volume to Erickson's other theological monographs (God in Three Persons and The Word Became Flesh).

The Author

  1. Millard J. Erickson

    Millard J. Erickson

    Millard J. Erickson (PhD, Northwestern University) has served as a pastor and seminary dean and has taught at several schools, including Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Western Seminary (Portland and San Jose), and Baylor University. He has also...

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"Erickson does a good job bringing the theologian and pastor up to speed with philosophical discussion regarding some aspects of God's nature. For that he is to be thanked, and in this regard the book is successful, in fact quite good. Just do not expect a systematic theological treatment of the doctrine of God."--Michael D. Williams (Presbyterion)

"Erickson, distinguished professor of theology at Truett Seminary, has provided an excellent "update" regarding the doctrine of God in this volume."--Bibliotheca Sacra
"In eight chapters on specific attributes, Erickson provides crisp summaries of the question and assessment of recent (mainly evangelical) writing. . . . The book is useful for seminary students and others who wish a brisk handbook on these questions from an evangelical perspective."--S. Mark Heim (Religious Studies Review)