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Finding Hope in the Midst of Hopelessness

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Answers to Life's Questions From the Book of Job

When pain or tragedy strikes, the first question most of us ask is, "Why?" We're in good company. The biblical book of Job tells the story of a man who lost everything--his children, his wealth, and even his health--and also wanted to know why. Why should he, a God-fearing man, suffer so much? Why did God allow it?

Job did not get the answer he expected. In fact, God began to ask questions of His own--70 questions, to be exact. And in His response to a grieving, broken man, we can catch glimpses of hope in the midst of our own suffering. Join Ray Comfort as he journeys into Job's extraordinary story. You'll find that, when God Speaks, He will transform you and forever change your perspective on suffering and faith.


As life inevitably takes each of us through sufferings similar to that of Job, we will no doubt have questions similar to those Job asked. 'Where is God in all this?' 'Why doesn't He deliver me?' God Speaks gives answers, and with those answers comes much-needed comfort.

Kirk Cameron, actor and coauthor of Still Growing and Conquer Your Fear, Share Your Faith

The storms of this life are inevitable, and we know from Scripture that only those who build their house on rock will survive. God Speaks lays out God's building plans through the gospel simply and succinctly. It is the perfect gift for those who don't know the Lord as well as for those who need comfort in tribulation.

Todd Friel, host of Wretched Radio/TV

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  1. Ray Comfort
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    Ray Comfort

    Ray Comfort is an experienced apologist and popular speaker who has written more than 90 books, including Faith Is for Weak People. Cohost of the award-winning TV program Way of the Master, which airs across the globe, Comfort is the executive...

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