God Our Teacher

Theological Basics in Christian Education

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"Presents a balanced view that is continually framed by biblical boundaries and demonstrates Pazmino's encyclopedic grasp of the resources that have stimulated his thinking."--Julie Gorman, Fuller Theological Seminary

A topic of frequent discussion in religious education circles is the relationship between theology and practice. How does Christian theology work itself out in the teaching ministries of the church? Noted Christian education thinker Robert Pazmino contemplates this debate and offers a contemporary overview of the messages theology brings to Christian education.

Sensitive to today's expanding global culture, God Our Teacher reaffirms the essential role theology plays in developing educational practices and conventions, and carefully fleshes out what it means to use the Trinity as a model for ordering educational thought and practice.

This book will be welcomed by all those involved in fostering the growth and development of Christian education.


"A refreshing and wise look at the teaching ministry of the church. Pazmiño has done well at grounding his reflections in a winsome and irenic historic orthodoxy. He enriches this theological reflection with a well-informed use of social science and educational sources. In short, Pazmiño has provided us with a welcome book."--James C. Wilhoit, Wheaton College

"No contemporary educator more creatively develops teaching metaphors or is better able to design theologically strong models for Christian education than Robert Pazmiño. Just as important, he communicates these metaphors and models in ways that allow volunteer teachers, as well as professionals, to see the implications for their church community."--Marlene LeFever, author of Creative Teaching Methods and Learning Styles

"In God Our Teacher, Robert Pazmiño explores the important roles of the Trinity--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit--in teaching ministries. He explains that Christian teachers are partners with the Triune God. Out of this understanding of the Trinity, he emphasizes community and relationships as essential for transformational teaching/learning. Pazmiño serves the reader well in his call for balancing unity and diversity and engaging the world in a holistic ministry of teaching."--Cathy Stonehouse, Asbury Theological Seminary

"Robert Pazmiño's work shows theology's relevance to every aspect of Christian education. Using classical categories, Pazmiño connects an evangelical theology to the major questions a theory of Christian education must answer. Drawing on a wide array of substantial theologians, he pursues seldom explored connections between theological belief and educational practice and brings a fresh perspective to traditional ideas in Christian education. The result is a carefully crafted, robust, and theologically grounded vision for Christian education. A worthwhile read for anyone committed to the teaching ministry of the church."--Robert Drovdahl, Seattle Pacific University

"Pazmiño here reclaims God as the center of theory and practice in Christian education and provides a clear rationale for this move. Built on a solid structure of logical and theological principles, God Our Teacher presents a balanced view that is continually framed by biblical boundaries and demonstrates Pazmiño's encyclopedic grasp of the resources that have stimulated his thinking."-- Julie Gorman, Fuller Theological Seminary

"God Our Teacher is different from typical books on teaching and learning in that it begins with Scripture and presents a theologically informed perspective for Christian education. It is not another how-to book, but a much-needed foundational work, utilizing the model of the Trinity to demonstrate that God is our teacher."--Dennis E. Williams, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Robert Pazmiño has demonstrated once again that he knows education, he knows people in their cultural contexts, he knows Christian education, and he knows God--a combination not always easy to find. Here is a book that can be read for many purposes: as a substantial review of the calling of education in the mission of the church, as a challenging text on the theological foundations of Christian education, and as a stretching exercise for those who are serious about the educational and missional aspects of ministry."--Ted Ward, Michigan State University and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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  1. Robert W. Pazmiño

    Robert W. Pazmiño

    Robert W. Pazmino (EdD, Columbia University) is the Valeria Stone Professor of Christian Education at Andover Newton Theological School in Newton, Massachusetts. His many works include God Our Teacher and By What Authority Do We Teach? He is also...

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"Robert Pazmiño, Valeria Stone Professor of Christian Education at Andover Newton Theological Seminary, has established himself in recent years as one of the most creative and prolific evangelical Christian education theorists in the Untied States. God Our Teacher makes another solid contribution to his overall practical theological project."--The Princton Seminary Review

"This book . . . would be good to use in a teacher training or homiletics class. . . . Pazmiño clearly reminds us that our educational theory and practice are not first about us but about God."--Equip for Ministry