God of Wonders

40 Days of Awe in the Presence of God

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To Live in Awe Is to Be Fully Alive

Invitations to wonder are everywhere. They are precious gifts left in our path by the God of awe. These miracles of life amid our troubles whisper hope and release healing. Our spirits are lifted each time we connect with the God who gives beauty for ashes.

Scientific research has shown numerous benefits from the emotion of awe: sharper brain function, increased sense of calm, better connection with others, greater generosity and a stronger immune system. To live in awe means to live in health--and to face stress, anxiety and fear with peace of heart and mind.

Author and creativity coach Faith Blatchford invites you to meditate for 40 days on the glorious God of wonders, and rediscover childlike awe through Scripture, reflection, imagination and prayer. In these pages, you will encounter God as He reveals Himself, from the Garden of Eden to the Revelation of John. This God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and He is waiting for you in the wonders all around you!


"Faith has provided a devotional that goes beyond the ordinary, to help us reach deep into our hearts to appreciate the awe of God, which so easily gets buried under the day's activities. The world needs this now, as there is so much of the mundane that distorts the greatness of our creator God. The questions at the end of each reading are captivating and stay with you for the rest of the day."

Mina Bajomo, co-founder, Lapis Lazuli Ministries

"Training in and releasing body, soul and spirit healing has been my dictate for over 20 years. With this in mind, I strongly encourage you to accept Faith's invitation to encounter the God of wonders for 40 days through this devotional. Let's shift our mindsets from our normal perspectives to grasping the awe and wonder of our God. Be in awe and be in health!"

Dawna De Silva, founder, Bethel Sozo

"This book provides us with a 40-day tour around the Bible, stopping off at a different experience of awe and wonder at each location. Faith Blatchford writes in an easy-to-understand style and provokes us to stop, reflect and imagine ourselves in the story. This devotional will encourage you to see God's goodness in every impossible situation."

Tim Eldridge, Presence Ministries International

"Biblical moments of awe come alive in God of Wonders. Each entry draws us into a place where we can truly marvel at God's nature and experience His goodness, holiness and splendor in a whole new way. As children, we naturally lived in the posture of wonder about life. May we return to a life of being awestruck again and discover for ourselves the God of wonders."

Bill and Beni Johnson, senior leaders, Bethel Church; authors, The Way of Life, The Happy Intercessor, Raising Giant-Killers and more

"Faith is a rare gem of a woman who possesses deep prophetic insight alongside a unique ability to impart heavenly wisdom that goes straight to the heart! I love how this book invites you into core stories, yet at the same time provides great structure and truth. Some of the stories spoke to the core of my heart and truly elevated my experience with the Lord."

Gina La Morte, prophetic voice, author, speaker

"A breath of fresh air! Faith ushers in a vital shift of focus from life's challenges into the wondrous awe of God's glorious provision. As a soul whisperer, Faith artistically magnifies God's compassionate, enduring, supernatural activity in our lives, building for us powerful neural pathways into greater intimacy with Him."

Stacey A. Lemmer, Psy.D., M.S.W, clinical psychologist, Transformation Center, Bethel Ministries

"An amazing example of God's perfect timing. In God of Wonders, Faith Blatchford leads us to experience God in ways that renew our sense of awe, deepen the connection to our heavenly Father and expand our hope in a difficult world. Definitely a book I'll return to again."

Edie Melson, author, blogger, speaker

"Experiencing wonder is a foundational part of our human and creative experience. Faith has given us a practical pathway to reawaken the much-needed sense of wonder in our lives."

Stephen Roach, speaker and writer; founder, The Breath & the Clay creative arts movement

"Faith Blatchford is one of the most encouraging, inspiring and mature leaders I know. This will no doubt be a way for you to encourage yourself in the Lord! Please take this time to saturate in the 40 days of awe in the presence of God!"

Danny Silk, president, Loving on Purpose; author, Keep Your Love On and more

"God of Wonders isn't just a devotional, it's an experience of deeper amazement and delightful wonder in your relationship with God. You will be treated to Faith Blatchford's fresh voice as she leads you into a rich encounter with the God who loves you."

Linda Evans Shepherd, author, When You Need to Move a Mountain, Praying through Your Every Emotion and more

"Get ready to have your eyes opened to the God of wonders! Wow, this is a great book for a daily dose of awe and glory. Each day I thought, This is just what my heart needs! I know you're going to love your personal journey to encounter the God of awe."

Brian Simmons, The Passion Translation Project

"God of Wonders is indispensable for those who believe themselves to be in the dregs of life. It's an imaginative blueprint for any who have forgotten that their life is destined for majesty. This book is a written invitation from God to reengage with life yet to be lived--a life of awe and wonder! I challenge you to accept Faith's invitation and begin walking with the God of wonders today!"

Kris Vallotton, senior associate leader, Bethel Church; author, The Supernatural Ways of Royalty, Heavy Rain, Spiritual Intelligence and more

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  1. Faith Blatchford

    Faith Blatchford

    Faith Blatchford, (www.faithblatchford.com) author of Winning the Battle for the Night: God's Plan for Sleep, Dreams and Revelation, is a graduate of Vassar College with a B.A. in religion. She travels in the U.S. and abroad speaking on topics including...

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