Glorious Mess

Encountering God’s Relentless Grace for Imperfect People

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There is a love that doesn't give up.

We all spend a significant portion of life running, chasing down our own plans and desires. Despite God's call on our lives, we, like Jonah, are often found rowing against the storms that God is using to pull us back on course. But God's relentless grace is always there, in the midst of the messes we make and no matter how far we've strayed.

In Glorious Mess, Mike Howerton clearly reveals God's perfect love for imperfect people. He shows you how to hear God's voice, how to embrace God's calling, how to make the most of your messes, and how to see God working through them. Howerton encourages, inspires, and challenges you to be your best self before God and others. Includes insightful discussion questions for group or personal use.


"This book is pure gold! Read it a first time to be encouraged, then read it again to soak in and apply its life-changing wisdom. Mike Howerton, one of my all-time favorite young leaders, has hit a home run with Glorious Mess!" --Rick Warren, Saddleback Church; author of The Purpose-Driven Life

"Using the story of Jonah as a backdrop, Glorious Mess shows us that Jonah's story is our story and that the God of relentless grace is still rescuing people like us today. God calls us to extend the grace we receive to others. We are first objects of God's mercy and get to be agents of that same mercy. Howerton has written a passionate, personal, pastoral, and practical look at how God brings his glory out of our messes through the grace of Jesus." --Mark Driscoll, founding pastor of Mars Hill Church; co-founder of Acts 29 Church Planting Network

"Mike Howerton's Glorious Mess makes you laugh, then makes you think, and pretty soon leaves you prayerful--in a good way. You'll never see the story of Jonah the same after he unpacks it from his unique and liberating perspective. This is a powerful book that will confront you and lift you at the same time." --Jud Wilhite, pastor of Central Christian Church, Las Vegas; author of Torn and Uncensored Grace

"Mike Howerton invites us to wake up and recognize God's invitation to join him in his work right where we are. Glorious Mess is a profoundly gracious, funny, and challenging call for ordinary people to truly risk themselves in service to Jesus. I highly recommend it!" --Mike Erre, pastor of Mariners Church, Mission Viejo, CA; author of The Jesus of Suburbia and Why Guys Need God

"Ever been in a mess? Ever feel like a mess? You're not alone. We all mess up. And this powerful book will show you--in practical terms--how to turn your mess into something magnificent that will glorify God. Truly, Mike Howerton delivers the goods in helping us see the immeasurable love of our grace-giving God. You don't want to miss out on Mike's life-changing message (not to mention great communication style). After reading this book you just might discover that your mess has brought you into a life that is more glorious than you ever imagined possible." --Les Parrott, PhD,; author of Real Relationships

"Through our friendship, I've seen Mike continue to be the one who shows up with the soul-penetrating question followed by an encouraging word. Glorious Mess is no exception. Mike's words will resonate with the 'rest of us' who are looking for an authentic experience with God that may not fit in more contemporary formulas--and he does it in language that puts you across the table from him at your favorite coffee shop." --Ryan Meeks, lead pastor of EastLake Community Church, Seattle, WA

"Mike is a personal friend, a powerful communicator, and a great pastor. Page after page I hear his voice sharing his story and The Story. I see his heart for Jesus and the gospel. I picture the hope he describes even in the messiness of life. Glorious Mess is a fresh take on an ancient story. I encourage you to read his book if you're exploring and studying the book of Jonah or if you simply need help walking in, through, and beyond your own glorious mess." --Jonathon Alexander, senior pastor of Northshore Baptist Church, Kirkland, WA

"Mike Howerton is the kind of pastor I want as my pastor, and Glorious Mess reflects why. Mike is honest and authentic about the broken places in life but also speaks hope into those places. Glorious Mess is a book that restores a weary soul. It points to the hope we have in Jesus that the messy places of our lives, under his Lordship, actually become glorious places of hope and promise." --Dr. Scott Dudley, senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue, WA

"Glorious Mess is both glorious and messy. With a raw and often hilarious voice, Mike invites us to consider the depths that Christ will reach to grasp our hands amidst the mud and muck of our lives and then points to the dizzying heights we can reach in the loving embrace of our Savior. Finally, Christian writing for those of us who don't normally like Christian writing!" --Christopher Wilshire, cofounder of Egg Strategy Solutions

The Author

  1. Mike Howerton

    Mike Howerton

    Mike Howerton is lead pastor of Overlake Christian Church in Redmond, Washington, and served for six years as the college pastor at Saddleback Church. He is a graduate of Pepperdine University and received his master's degree from Fuller Theological Seminary....

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