Global Gospel

An Introduction to Christianity on Five Continents

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Discussion Questions

  1. Christianity is now the most widely dispersed religion the world has ever seen. Christians live literally in every nation and culture. Do Christians today have greater international and global responsibilities than they did in the past? How does being globally-minded as a Christian affect patriotism (loyalty to one’s own nation)?

  2. There is great diversity within the contemporary world Christian movement, and yet all Christians are in some sense united in Christ. Is it possible to be united and diverse, or does unity require some degree of homogeneity? Ideally, how uniform or diverse should global Christianity be?

  3. When Christians from different cultures talk with each other, they may need, at least temporarily, to simplify the questions and topics discussed. How would you answer these questions in simple terms without using specialized theological language from your own culture?

    • Who is God?
    • What is wrong with the world?
    • What is the good news of the gospel?
    • What character traits define spiritual maturity?