Giving Your Words

The Lifegiving Power of a Verbal Home for Family Faith Formation

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Shaping the hearts, minds, and souls of your children starts with your words.

As a parent, your heart's desire is to guide your children to love and follow God. Yet so many voices are offering help and advice. Whose voice should shape your children?

Sally and Clay Clarkson suggest the answer is as simple as it is powerful: yours. They will show you how to use your own words to shape your child's life for Christ.

The biblical principles and wisdom they offer, drawn from their years of raising four children and mentoring parents worldwide, will equip you as a word-giving parent.

Start here to gain confidence to personally and intentionally cultivate a verbal home, one filled with words of faith formation and spiritual nurture.

Then, when your children "take your words for it," they will hear God's voice.


"In a world where words are often used poorly and harmfully, here is a guide for allowing the very Word of Life to become enfleshed through our lives and in our homes by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit."

Glenn and Holly Packiam, Colorado Springs, CO

"Giving Your Words is full of ways to relate with our children as Jesus did with His disciples. This book will speak to so many parents who love their children but aren't sure how to disciple them."

Gary and Lynn Custer, Fuquay-Varina, NC

"Sally and Clay give us a fresh reminder of the importance of making words the music and soundtrack to our children's lives, and that good words are like good food: they nourish the body, satisfy the soul, and make us strong for living."

Jacqui Wakelam, London, UK

"Clay and Sally dig deep into how we are shaped by words, and how as parents we shape and form our children by the words we use."

Steve and Terri Moon, Colorado Springs, CO

"In Giving Your Words, Sally and Clay provide sage parenting guidance that is rooted in Scripture and their years of building a 'verbal home' in their family. If you're a parent, you'll want to grab a cup of coffee and feast on this hope-filled exclamation point on the Clarksons' years of faithful work."

Chris Stroup, Colorado Springs, CO

"This is encouragement to authentically use your words as parents to nurture your children into mature, godly men and women of character, depth, and intimacy with God."

David and Margaret Sachsenmaier, Colorado Springs, CO

"This book paints a picture of the possibilities open to us when we embrace the power of words as parents: first, the word of God in our own lives, then the words we speak to our children."

Misty Krasawski, Franklin, TN

"Through their words, Clay and Sally guide us to see all of life as opportunities to teach, shape, and influence our children's lives with God's goodness, beauty, truth, and love."

Ben and Anna Holsteen, St Andrews, Scotland

"As a father, I see every day the power and subtlety of verbal interaction with my children. What Clay and Sally have compiled here is a treasure trove not only of their own wisdom, but of the accumulated wisdom of humanity on how we can talk to our children."

Brian Brown, Colorado Springs, CO

"This book is deeply inspirational, transformative, and yet practical for parents and families."

Gretchen Roberts, MD, Wilmington, NC

"Giving Your Words will help parents at all stages verbally express love and guide their children toward faith in the living God. This is a book for every parent."

Jennie Nelson, Eagle, ID

The Authors

  1. Sally Clarkson
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    Sally Clarkson

    From working on college campuses with Campus Crusade, to sharing the gospel behind the Iron Curtain as a missionary, to traveling around the world as a renowned speaker, bestselling author, and beloved podcaster, Sally Clarkson has been actively...

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  2. Clay Clarkson

    Clay Clarkson

    Clay Clarkson directs Whole Heart Ministries, a Christian home and parenting ministry founded in 1994 with his wife, Sally. Clay is a graduate of Denver Seminary and has been in vocational Christian ministry most of his adult life. He is the author of...

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