Give It to God and Go to Bed

Stress Less, Sleep Better, Dream More

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Studies show that sleep plays a vital role in reducing stress, improving health, and increasing productivity. But what happens if you're overcome by deadlines, stress,
fear, or insomnia? 

In Give It to God and Go to Bed, naturopathic doctor Laura Harris Smith offers practical help on how you can increase in prayer, bolster faith, and sleep better. She will make you aware of the harmful spiritual, emotional, and physical effects of what is keeping you awake and lead you to a place of peace where you will learn to hear God speak to you as you rest, and discover how to speak back through various avenues of prayer. The entire book takes place in your bedroom, with chapters like

· The Treasures in Your Bedroom (rest, dreams)
· The Monsters in Your Closet (familiar spirits)
· The Weapons under Your Pillow (prayer, sleep)
· The Junk under Your Bed (fear, unforgiveness)
· The Morning After (interpreting your dreams)
· Laura's free "10 Days to a Lifetime of Deeper Sleep and Dreams" program with videos!

Where there is no sleep, there are no dreams; where there is fear, there is no faith; and where there is stress, there is no peace. It's time for you to Give It to God and Go to Bed!

The Author

  1. Laura Harris Smith, C.N.C.,  M.S.O.M.

    Laura Harris Smith, C.N.C., M.S.O.M.

    Laura Harris Smith ( is a naturopathic doctor with a PhD in original medicine, and host of theTHREE, a faith-based current events talk show that focuses on body, mind, and spirit health. She and her husband, Chris,...

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