Get Thin, Stay Thin

A Biblical Approach to Food, Eating, and Weight Management

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Get Thin, Stay Thin addresses the real reason we struggle with eating problems: we try to use food to satisfy our souls. As the Hallidays explain, we all crave intimacy, security, and acceptance. When these needs are not met, we often turn to substitutes such as food. The Hallidays go beyond trendy, short-term weight-control plans and urge readers to allow God to satisfy their deepest hungers. Anyone who has struggled with weight loss will benefit from this honest and thorough look at getting beyond the guilt and the ups and downs of yo-yo dieting.

The Authors

  1. Arthur Halliday

    Arthur Halliday

    Arthur W. Halliday, M.D., serves as staff physician for addiction treatment at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Menlo Park, California.

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  2. Judy Wardell Halliday R.N.

    Judy Wardell Halliday R.N.

    Judy Wardell Halliday, R.N., is the cofounder of Thin Within and the coauthor of the bestseller Thin Within.

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