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Moving from Self-Serve Christianity to Total Servanthood

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Is servanthood a way to lead or a way of life? Leadership has its place in Christian ministry, but God calls us, first and foremost, to servanthood. Servant is not a modifier for some other activity but the foundation of the Christian life.

Siang-Yang Tan calls the church back to its primary role of being servants of Christ and other people. This genuine Spirit-inspired servant attitude will enable you to enter more deeply into God's rest and grace and will revolutionize your life and ministry.


"True service is close to the heart of all who are following hard after Jesus. For this reason I welcome Full Service by Siang-Yang Tan. Dr. Tan has wonderfully distilled and critiqued the vast literature on servanthood and leadership, and in addition, given us practical insights into how servanthood looks in daily life. Full Service is itself a genuine act of service."--Richard J. Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline; founder, RENOVARÉ

"Siang-Yang Tan is a frighteningly prolific reader and thinker. In Full Service he distills the essence of an enormous amount of Christian thought on what mattered most to Jesus. I have benefited from Siang-Yang's servanthood as a student, beginning writer, and friend. This book is an act of servanthood for you!"--John Ortberg, author, God Is Closer Than You Think; teaching pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

"Finally, the cart has been put back behind the horse! With his typical style that is scholarly, biblically based, and accessible, Siang-Yang Tan reminds us that Jesus' call to servanthood is both primary and universal. Leadership is a secondary calling that is given to a few. Because the phrase 'servant-leader' may have the same ego appeal as 'tither-tycoon' to our fast-growth-oriented culture, it is timely to receive this gentle reminder from Dr. Tan that the secret of true servanthood is developing a friendship with Jesus."--Gary W. Moon, editor, Conversations journal; author, Falling for God

"This superb book on servanthood reflects the exceptional wisdom and the spiritual depth for which Dr. Tan has become known through his many years of preaching, counseling, and writing. If you want to know what it means to be truly a servant of Christ--the highest of all callings--this is the book for you. I recommend it enthusiastically!"--Donald A. Hagner, George Eldon Ladd Professor of New Testament, Fuller Theological Seminary

"The message of this book is biblical, balanced, and countercultural. But more so, it touches me deeply because of my personal relationship with Siang-Yang--he lives out what he writes in his personal life and ministry."--Chi-Hok Wong, president, First Evangelical Church Association

"Service is the meaning of human life, and it is the way to complete submission to God. Complete submission to God is the life of creative goodness for which we were created. Every Christian virtue, every fruit of the Spirit, comes with it. That is why Jesus said that the greatest among his followers is the one who is servant of all. It will take some learning, but Siang Yang Tan gives sure instructions on how to do it in Full Service. This is a deep and profound book, filled with the Spirit of Christ."--Dallas Willard, author, The Divine Conspiracy and Renovation of the Heart; professor of philosophy, University of Southern California in Los Angeles

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  1. Siang-Yang Tan

    Siang-Yang Tan

    Siang-Yang Tan (PhD, McGill University) is senior professor of clinical psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary, senior pastor emeritus of First Evangelical Church Glendale in Southern California, and the author of numerous books, including Lay...

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