From the Library of A. W. Tozer

Selections From Writers Who Influenced His Spiritual Journey

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A Collection of Writings That Shaped One of the Most Influential Pastors of the Twentieth Century

Pull back the curtain on the life and mind of A. W. Tozer as you read selections from the authors and thinkers who influenced his spiritual journey. Without their words to serve as guides, Tozer never would have become the man of God that he was. Drink deeply from these selections, chosen to emphasize major themes from Tozer's life and ministry--worship, practicing the presence of God, living the Christian life. As you do, you too will grow in your devotion to and understanding of God.

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  1. James Stuart Bell
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    James Stuart Bell

    James Stuart Bell is a Christian publishing veteran and the owner of Whitestone Communications, a literary development agency. He is the editor of many story collections, including the Cup of Comfort, Life Savors, and Extraordinary Answers to Prayer series,...

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