Fresh Oil, Holy Fire, New Wine Study Guide

Living the Vibrant Holy Spirit–Filled Life

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Tap into God's Limitless Resurrection Power Inside of You

Diving deeper into the transformative insights and teachings from Fresh Oil, Holy Fire, New Wine, international bestselling author Pastor Samuel Rodriguez challenges you to reconsider what you know about--and how you relate to--the Holy Spirit. In this hands-on study guide, he gives you practical tools and biblical strategies to tap into the limitless resurrection power inside of you, including

· powerful Scriptures
· thought-provoking Bible study questions
· real-world application and instruction
· self-reflection prompts
· empowering encouragement

Here is everything you need to align, appropriate, and unleash the promise, power, and purpose of the Holy Spirit in all areas of your life, starting today.

The Author

  1. Samuel Rodriguez
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    Samuel Rodriguez

    Samuel Rodriguez is a pastor, speaker, bestselling author, movie producer, and civil rights activist whose career in the public square and international ministry have made him one of the most influential Christian leaders in the world. CNN and Fox News have...

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