Free to Grieve

Healing and Encouragement for Those Who Have Suffered Miscarriage and Stillbirth

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Find Comfort, Understanding, and Courage in Free to Grieve

"Why did this happen?"

"Will I ever feel whole again?"

"Should we try again?"

With sensitivity and understanding, Maureen Rank, a survivor of multiple miscarriages, addresses these and other questions. Free to Grieve offers guidance to the hurting and helps women look to the future, recognizing that grief is justified, is necessary, is individual, and that it will end. Based on sound research as well as personal experience, it explores treatment options for physical and emotional healing.

Whether you have experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage or stillbirth or know someone who has, this book will speak to your heart.

The Author

  1. Maureen Rank

    Maureen Rank

    Maureen Rank has authored or coauthored twelve books, is a former executive director of the Iowa Psychological Association, and is a leadership and organizational consultant. Her books have been published in five languages, with combined sales totaling nearly...

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