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Like a dandelion in the wind, Hope Ladley blows from one farm to the next, helping cook for the field hands during the harvest. Illiterate and often twisting cliches and Bible verses into mind-boggling observations, Hope leaves widower Jakob Stauffer baffled by her unconventional ways. But her sunny disposition and unstinting love make changes of a different kind around the place. His little daughter and the pregnant sister he's shielding from an abusive husband adore Hope, and things are getting accomplished even if Hope's methods are unique.
Then Jakob's brother-in-law shows up and threatens the newfound peace and happiness of the farm. With Jakob's future uncertain and his heart tangled, can the farmer convince Hope to take root and remain as his wife?

The Author

  1. Cathy Marie Hake
    Photo by: Tracie Spence Photography

    Cathy Marie Hake

    Cathy Marie Hake is a registered nurse who worked for many years in an oncology unit before shifting her focus to perinatal care. The author of over twenty novels, she lives with her husband and two children in Anaheim, California.

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(Top Pick) "Hake delivers another spritely early-American romance. It's a joy to watch her lighthearted character bring an innocent, unscathed faith into the lives of a family that's surviving domestic violence, grief and loss." --Lindy J. Swanson, Romantic Times Book Reviews

"It's been a long while since I so thoroughly enjoyed a book. Cathy Marie Hake paints characters so real they nearly walk off the page. Hope Ladley, with her uneducated speech and wise heart, is genuinely funny, relentlessly loveable, and completely unforgettable. Forevermore is one of those wonderful stories you hate to see come to an end." --Delia Latham,

"Forevermore is a great story of hope and faith triumphing over sorrow and evil. Even though it delves into serious topics such as abuse and grief, it is also a hilarious book. I laughed page after page as I followed Hope's antics. The greatest laughs came from the way Hope, who cannot read or write, butchered many common cliches.... I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an entertaining and uplifting story. Hake, an author I have never read before, is now on my 'Favorite Author' list. I am eagerly looking forward to her other books." --Edyth Abraham,

"Cathy Marie's writing is light yet thought-provoking - humorous yet serious, as she tells Hope and Jakob's story.... This story was a delightful read." --Trudy Smith,

"Hope Ladley, an itinerant cook, drifts throughout Texas directed by God to go where she is most needed. Jacob Stauffer a widower is coping with the loss of his beloved wife, raising a small daughter, and caring for his pregnant sister who was abused by her husband. Hope's arrival creates seemingly chaotic changes in his lifestyle. Can Hope live up to her name and bring hope, healing and happiness to this family through her faith in God? She can and she does. But will Hope follow God's direction and change her own life as well or will she continue to be an itinerant without family or roots forevermore? Many of the same characters from Hake's previous novel, Fancy Pants make an appearance in this heart-warming story. Forevermore is a story of hope and faith triumphing over despair and hopelessness."
--MF, Libraries Alive