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series: Timeless

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Grace and Hope are identical twin sisters born with the ability to time-cross together between 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, and 1912 New York City. As their twenty-fifth birthday approaches, they will have to choose one life to keep and one to leave behind forever--no matter the cost.

In 1692, they live and work in their father's tavern, where they must watch helplessly as the witch trials unfold in their village, threatening everyone. With the help of a handsome childhood friend, they search for the truth behind their mother's mysterious death, risking everything to expose a secret that could save their lives--or be their undoing.

In 1912, Hope dreams of becoming one of the first female pilots in America, and Grace works as an investigative journalist, uncovering corruption and injustice. After their parents' orphanage is threatened by an adversary, they enter a contest to complete a perilous cross-country flight under the guidance of a daring French aviator.

The sisters have already decided which timeline they will choose, but an unthinkable tragedy complicates the future they planned for themselves. As their birthday looms, how will they determine the lives--and loves--that are best for both of them?

"If you enjoy historical Christian romance with a twist of the unusual, I encourage you to try For a Lifetime."--Tracie Peterson, bestselling author

"Unpredictable, clever, and heartfelt,
For a Lifetime is a fantastic addition to the Timeless series."--Elizabeth Camden, RITA Award-winning author


"Gabrielle Meyer's story of time-crossing romance was compelling and kept me turning the pages. If you enjoy historical Christian romance with a twist of the unusual, I encourage you to try For a Lifetime."

Tracie Peterson, bestselling author of Pictures of the Heart series

"Gabrielle Meyer takes us on a time-travelling adventure complete with two love stories and a fresh, innovative plot that is impossible to put down. Unpredictable, clever, and heartfelt, For a Lifetime is a fantastic addition to the Timeless series."

Elizabeth Camden, RITA Award-winning author

"An inspiring tale of faith, hope, and love. Meyer's magical pen draws out what it truly means to discover one's path when trusting God."

J'nell Ciesielski, bestselling author of The Socialite

"A fresh and innovative twist on time travel, each book of the Timeless series features clever heroines, emotionally charged love stories, and unpredictable twists that will keep readers engrossed until the last page."

Elizabeth Camden, RITA Award-winning author

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  1. Gabrielle Meyer

    Gabrielle Meyer

    Gabrielle Meyer ( is an ECPA bestselling author. She has worked for state and local historical societies and loves writing fiction inspired by real people, places, and events. She currently resides along the banks of the Mississippi River in...

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"Meyer keeps the action rolling in parallel timelines that thrum with tension, and brings historical events to vivid life. . . . For fans of feisty female heroines and historical suspense, Meyer's tale is one to savor."

Publishers Weekly

"Meyer captivates in this continuation of her Timeless series. . . . Meyer's expertly written blend of historical and time-travel fiction is rich in dramatic irony and features compelling dual time lines and passionate narrators navigating complex challenges."

Booklist starred review