Food Triggers

Exchanging Unhealthy Patterns for God-Honoring Habits

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You Can Win Your Food Battles--for Good

Do you crave unhealthy foods or overeat when you're stressed, bored, or lonely? These and other food triggers not only have an emotional and physical basis, they can also become a spiritual battle. In this groundbreaking book, certified health coach Amber Lia exposes 31 common food-related struggles that trap people in unhealthy thinking and eating patterns. Learn the practical strategies you need to

· identify the specific food triggers sabotaging your health and happiness
· break free from the cycle of reactionary eating and feelings of defeat
· find the motivation and methods needed to embrace healthy habits

Today can be your turning point. Break the chains of food triggers and replace them with God-honoring habits. More than discovering what it takes to have a healthy body, you will receive spiritual health for your soul!

"What if your hunger pangs aren't about physical hunger at all but an invitation to develop a spiritual appetite for God? If food is your trigger, this is your opportunity!"--WENDY SPEAKE, author of The 40-Day Sugar Fast


"Whether ministering to moms who are easily triggered with their kids, or encouraging husbands and wives who are triggered in their marriages, Amber Lia faithfully has reminded us that TRIGGERS = OPPORTUNITIES! And now (cue the confetti) Amber challenges us to consider our food triggers, because triggers = opportunities here too. Each time we are tempted to turn to food as our comfort or reward is an opportunity to remember Jesus' invitation: 'Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.' What if your hunger pangs aren't about physical hunger at all but an invitation to develop a spiritual appetite for God? If food is your trigger, this is your opportunity!" 

Wendy Speake, author of The 40-Day Sugar Fast and coauthor of Triggers: Exchanging Parents' Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses

"Rather than a quick fix or trendy fad, Food Triggers goes deeper, all the way down to our why. Are you looking for real change? This book will help you start on a lasting journey toward health, inside and out."

Kirsten Oliphant, author and writing coach

"At my most desperate moment, Amber was there to gently guide me into a life-changing journey to better health. Having her as my health coach has truly been a gift."

Melissa M., client

"Amber Lia is the real deal, period. This book will free up a lot of people--believers and nonbelievers. Millions of us are battling with the same thing: our health! Amber gives us all the tools, yes, but the most powerful thing she gives is hope."

Jamil Frazier, keynote speaker, transformational coach, and bestselling author

"Food Triggers is a must read for anyone who is looking to uncover why they struggle with weight loss and food issues. This book is encouraging, motivating, and will help you discover ways to have a healthier relationship with food so you can live longer, have more energy, and look better."

Dr. Magdalena Battles, Doctor of Psychology 

"Amber's guidance and spiritual support has allowed me to get my life back!"

Janie C., client

"Food Triggers covers many of the mindset and spiritual struggles that Kiersten and I battled when we both had over a hundred pounds to lose. If there's one thing we know, the truth, the practical help, and the spiritual encouragement in these pages is going to help set people free!"

Nick and Kiersten Lavallee, certified health coaches

"Amber is the friend and guide you want as you journey into a healthier life. And this is the book you want on your shelf--within reach when the celebrations, failures, and stresses of life tempt us to turn toward food. There is a better way, and Amber gently leads us to it."

Rebecca Smith, author of A Better Life and founder of Better Life Bags

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    Amber Lia

    Amber Lia ( is an in-demand certified health coach who has experienced her own health transformation. A busy mom of four, she is the coauthor of the parenting book Triggers, as well as Marriage Triggers. Amber and her husband...

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