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Your Playbook for a Winning Family

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Do You Have a Game Plan?

Premier agent Drew Pittman loves sports. Maybe even more than you do. But an experience early in his management career convinced him that a life of significance is about faith, family, and football--and always in that order. So how do you make significance your game plan?

Competitive sports are filled with lessons about motivation, perseverance, hard work, and collaboration--and these lessons are powerfully transferable to everyday life. Yet few men apply them to the most important arena they'll ever play in: their home.

In First Team Dad, Drew Pittman shares the principles that can change the game in your family, straight from a sports insider who has field-tested each and every one with his home team. With heart-pounding stories of unforgettable plays and one-in-a-million players, First Team Dad is your ticket to create a legacy of significance in your family.


Knowing Drew, I've been encouraged and challenged by his example and wisdom--read this book so you can get to know this man as well.

John Schneider, executive vice president and general manager, Seattle Seahawks

To the football fan's delight, Drew shares behind-the-scenes stories about his experiences with famous players and coaches in order to demonstrate practical points about having a strong family. I believe every man who reads this book will walk away inspired and will have a game plan for his own family.

Robert Morris, founding senior pastor, Gateway Church, Dallas Texas; bestselling author, The Blessed Life

It's my hope that by reading First Team Dad you will be motivated to do a better job of leading your family and that you will reach out to other men you know to help them catch this vision.

Tony Dungy, former NFL head coach and bestselling author

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  1. J. Drew Pittman

    J. Drew Pittman

    J. Drew Pittman is a principal for Domann & Pittman, one of America's premier sports management agencies. More than a hundred players represented by the firm have been drafted into the National Football League, and more than a dozen of Drew's clients have...

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