Find Your Fit, Revised and Updated Edition

Unlock God’s Unique Design for Your Talents, Spiritual Gifts, and Personality

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Make the Most of Your Interests, Spiritual Gifts, and Personality

God made you unique and valuable and invites you into an incredible future. But it can be hard to think through what that means and what it should look like. How can you figure it all out in the middle of your responsibilities, expectations, and pressures?

Find Your Fit
is an amazing resource to help you discover who you are. It assesses your interests, abilities, spiritual gifts, values, and personality so you can understand what makes you tick and how you can become all God designed you to be. But it's not just a powerful tool--it's also fun to understand yourself better than you ever have before!

Set yourself free to dream big dreams about what your life can be. God loves you so much and sees potential in you to change the world!

The Authors

  1. Jane Kise

    Jane Kise

    Jane Kise (PhD, University of St. Thomas) works as a consultant, specializing in team building, leadership coaching, and school staff development. She is the bestselling coauthor of over 20 books.

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  2. Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson ( is the creator of the first-of-its-kind Pray the Scriptures Bible and the bestselling author or coauthor of more than sixy books and Bible products for adults, students, and children. His training includes an...

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  3. Karen Eilers

    Karen Eilers

    Karen Eilers (MA in student development in post-secondary education, University of Iowa) is a master career specialist, leading workshops and coaching students and young adults on their
    education and career paths.

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