Fathering Like the Father

Becoming the Dad God Wants You to Be

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Fathering comes naturally to God. The rest of us can use some pointers. Who better to provide them than the Father who truly knows best? 

Following that reasoning, father-and-son authors Kenn and Jeff Gangel explore God's ways of forgiving, communicating with, disciplining, and loving his children. Each chapter is packed with amusing anecdotes and personal vignettes that illustrate how fathers can model godly character for their children. Fathering Like the Father will inspire any dad or men's group with a heavenly perspective on fatherhood.


"The Gangel team will help you wrestle with the critical issues surrounding your fathering role and in the midst remind you of God's hope for twenty-first century dads. Their motivating stories and biblical insights will spur you to excellence in your fathering." -Ken R. Canfield, president, National Center for Fathering

"Many men father like they were fathered. Unfortunately, the impact of absent and uninvolved fathers is the psychic scar tissue hidden so carefully within the masculine soul. This father-son team offers men help and hope by detailing how our Heavenly Father fathers." -Dr. Robert Hicks, author, The Masculine Journey and The Christian Family in Changing Times

"Fathering Like the Father is the closest thing to the central issue of our cultural malaise. It is full of help for those who want to get fathering right under the authority of biblical truth. I enthusiastically recommend it." -Dr. Jay Kesler, chancellor, Taylor University

"As a son who was blessed with a godly dad, I found the message of Fathering Like the Father to be particularly meaningful. It reminded me of the enormous influence my father had on my life. Kenn and Jeff Gangel have drawn from their experiences as father and son to produce some compelling lessons in parenting. This book is for dads who understand that their children are gifts from God to be both cherished and nourished." -Peter Nanfelt, president, Christian & Missionary Alliance

"An excellent volume. As you search for knowledge and inspiration on how to become a godly parent-educator and trainer of your children, you'll do well to study the Bible-centered principles of this book." -Paul A. Kienel, LL.D., founder and president emeritus, Association of Christian Schools International

"This book is unique. Not many fathers and sons have a solid enough relationship to write together about fathering; besides, both are biblical scholars, educators, and specialists in family ministry. In Fathering Like the Father, Kenn and Jeff combine solid theory and rich personal practice. Knowing both these men, it's a cinch for me to recommend it." -Charles M. Sell, author of Helping Troubled Families and Family Ministry

"Written by a father-son team I greatly admire, Fathering Like the Father is the ideal handbook for every dad to reflect on the intriguing qualities demonstrated by our heavenly Father. This volume is thoroughly biblical, contemporary, and intensely practical."--Ron Blue, former president of CAM International

"This is not merely a 'how to' manual on parenting. It is much more in that the important concepts presented are drawn from Scripture and illustrated in a practical format with powerful personal illustrations."--Dennis E. Williams, dean of institutional assessment, Southern Baptist Seminary

"This is a thoughtful book that stimulates productive thinking, provides helpful insights, and interests readers in biblical fathering. Outstanding, instructive, creative, and biblically sound. Recommended for fathers, families, youth groups, and study groups."--Byrle Kynerd, headmaster, Briarwood Christian School

"A book such as this couldn't be more appropriate for the community of believers. Our culture needs the message of this book. Kenn and Jeff Gangel have touched a vital nerve for every father or would-be father. Warm illustrations and honest reflections frame the powerful and timely message of this book for every Christian father. The plausibility of the message is validated by the credibility of the life experiences of this father and son team."--Steven C. Babbit, director of publishing services, Association of Christian Schools International

"The Gangels are a father and son team who've done all us dads a great service. They've brought us sound biblical teaching, powerful principles, and practical suggestions on how to build healthy lifelong relationships with our children. Fathering Like the Father provides the essential ingredients to help us be the kind of fathers that all of us yearn to be. As the father of five, I know it will be a constant companion to me, providing wisdom and guidance from two men that have navigated these choppy waters before me. Thanks for leading the way!"--Steve Shadrach, South Central director, Student Mobilization

"Here's a helpful guide for the task and privilege of fathering. It's unique because a father and son have teamed up to share their insights. It's also unique because, while psychologically well-informed, it deals biblically with a dad's responsibilities and opportunities applying to our very human problem the wisdom of our Father-God."--Vernon Grounds, chancellor, Denver Seminary

"Solidly biblical, practical, timely, and refreshing. Refreshing because it's not a 'Shame on you dads, you're not measuring up to God's standard for fatherhood.' Instead, the reader is drawn into the life events of a father and son and resonates with the interaction and relational commitment found in each other as best friends. As I read the material, I found myself cheering them on. Here are two men I would love to hang around with--this is as it should be between a father and son."--James L. Clark, director of the Biblical Counseling and Education Center, Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary

"Drs. Kenneth and Jeffrey Gangel have given us a fine volume on how father and sons can nurture a close and satisfying relationship with each other based on a scriptural foundation. This father and son duo give practical illustrations from their own lives as well as from broad reading in this area. This book encourages the strong bonds that will give a lifetime of rewards. Drink deeply at this forty-year flowing fount!"--Warren S. Benson, former vice president of doctoral programs, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"In his prayer for the Ephesian believers (Eph. 3:14ff), the apostle Paul intimates that the human notion of fatherhood has as its antecedent our matchless heavenly Father. The question, 'What would my heavenly Father do?' has been a powerful force in guiding and shaping my own relationship to my two children for over twenty years now. I am so pleased that Kenn and Jeff Gangel have produced this biblically sound and culturally relevant study of our heavenly Father's parenting patterns. My limited observation of Kenn's relationship with Jeff and Jeff's relationship with his young children convinces me that their message is accompanied by the authentic marks of Fathering Like the Father."--Ralph Enlow, provost, Columbia International University

"Kenn and Jeff Gangel have collaborated on a marvelous work that takes a unique look at fathering. Kenn Gangel has ministered to the church over the years with numerous books on Christian education and leadership, but this one is perhaps his finest contribution. From a wealth of biblical knowledge and demonstrated effective living, Kenn and Jeff share their passion, perspective, and practical guidance for effective godly living for Christian fathers everywhere."--Gilbert A. Peterson, chancellor, Lancaster Bible College

The Authors

  1. Kenneth O. Gangel

    Kenneth O. Gangel

    Kenneth O. Gangel, distinguished professor emeritus at Dallas Theological Seminary, is a frequent lecturer and author of more than a dozen books and hundreds of articles.

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  2. Jeffrey S. Gangel

    Jeffrey S. Gangel

    Jeffrey S. Gangel, holds a D. Min. and is vice president for spiritual formation at Toccoa Falls College in Toccoa Falls, Georgia.

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