Exploring Christian Theology, Volume 3

The Church, Spiritual Growth, and the End Times

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The Foundations of Theology in Everyday Language

Dallas Seminary professors Nathan Holsteen and Michael Svigel are passionate about the church, spiritual growth, and the end times, all key doctrines of Christianity. They want readers to know why they're important and why they matter. Holsteen and Svigel explore these important topics in a concise and highly readable style that makes sense--whether you're a student of the Bible, a pastor, or someone who simply wants to know God better.

For each topic you'll find
· An introduction, overview, and review of the key points
· Several applicable Bible texts, including verses to memorize
· A quick-paced history of the doctrine
· Distortions to be aware of and avoid
· Reading lists for further study
· A glossary of theological terms


There has never been a more urgent need, because of the times in which we live, to have a biblically based statement of Christian theology. Holsteen and Svigel are both qualified to write such an exploration since their lives have been shaped by biblical teaching, and it is this teaching that prompts others to the hope only God through His Word can provide.

Mark L. Bailey, President, Dallas Theological Seminary 

Exploring Christian Theology is a wonderful doctrinal primer that teaches theology in a way that will engage you and cause you to reflect. . . . A great way to get acquainted with key biblical theological themes.

Darrell Bock, senior research professor, Dallas Theological Seminary

The church is always in need of mature, faithful, biblical theology. And that's exactly what you should expect to find in this volume. This new book is a very important consideration of the church, the Christian life, and the end times. And Christians in all walks of life will find this book to be particularly helpful.

Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The Exploring Christian Theology series provides a wonderfully helpful tour of basic Christian beliefs. Nathan Holsteen and Michael Svigel have put together a unique way of teaching theology that is thoroughly biblical but also highly engaging. A good resource for pursuing Christian discipleship.

Michael F. Bird, Lecturer in Theology at Ridley Melbourne Mission and Ministry College

Most theological texts seem to use doctrine as a sleep aid. Dull and dry, these books hide the truth behind the reader's yawn. How refreshing to read Exploring Christian Theology! With an appropriate balance of readability, clarity, and humor, Drs. Holsteen and Svigel have made the key doctrines of our Christian faith accessible--without compromising orthodoxy. Truth should never leave us yawning. This book makes me want more.

Dr. Wayne Stiles, Executive Vice President, Insight for Living

The Authors

  1. Nathan D. Holsteen

    Nathan D. Holsteen

    Nathan D. Holsteen, ThM, PhD, is Associate Professor of Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, where he teaches all areas of systematic theology. Trained as an engineer, he is awed by systems of theology that exhibit internal coherence. He and his...

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  2. Michael J. Svigel

    Michael J. Svigel

    Michael J. Svigel, ThM, PhD, is the Department Chair and an Associate Professor of Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. He has written numerous Bible study guides, articles, and papers, and is the author of RetroChristianity...

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