Everything I Wish I Could Tell You about Midlife

A Woman's Guide to Health in the Body You Actually Have

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Guidance. Reassurance. Science. Stories. Practical tools. Support.

Has this middle part of life left you wondering: Is this . . . it? I thought it would get easier. I thought I'd have more figured out by now. Something is wrong, and I just can't put my finger on it. Is it my thyroid? Perimenopause? Or is this just what midlife feels like?

Dr. Mikala Albertson draws on her eighteen years in evidence-based clinical practice as well as her own personal experience to offer real stories and current medical information on a wide range of topics common to women in their later thirties, forties, fifties, and beyond.

Full of practical tools to empower you to care for and find healing in the body you actually have in this life you are actually living, Everything I Wish I Could Tell You About Midlife digs deep into:

· Preventive health and well-being specific to YOU and your unique parameters
· Perimenopause, mood disorders, and body image (as well as the harmful effects of cultural and societal expectations)
· Co-occurring life stressors like relationship issues, caregiver expectations, and shifting work/motherhood roles
· Support systems, purpose, and healing in your one precious, beautiful life

Life is hard--and today you may feel weary--but there are steps you can take toward health, growth, and healing while discovering along the way: There is beauty here, too.


"This book is exactly what every woman approaching or in the throes of midlife needs. Mikala does an incredible job guiding and encouraging women in their physical, emotional, and spiritual journeys as they navigate the complexities of this season of their lives. Her wisdom and expertise, along with her gentle and caring heart, leap off the pages of this book. It's a must-read."

Esther Joy Goetz, author, spiritual director, podcast hostess, and creator of Moms of Bigs and The Dolly Mama

"Dr. Albertson delves into the heart of women navigating midlife. She approaches hot topics within the health and wellness community with a warm hug, a guiding hand, and a soothing voice, letting us know we are not alone as we travel this season of life."

Ali Flynn, author and creator of Hang in There, Mama

"If ever there was a book you need to not only read but keep on your bedside table for all the days, this is it. Mikala's deep knowledge of what is happening in our bodies accompanied by her deep knowledge of what is happening in our hearts makes this a must-read for every woman."

Amy Betters-Midtvedt, writer, speaker, educator, and author of You'll Make It (and They Will Too): Everything No One Talks About When You're Parenting Teens

"I have watched too many women suffer in silence through these middle years, and I refuse to walk that path. Thank you, Mikala, for paving the way. This book is exactly what we need."

Leslie Means, founder of Her View From Home and bestselling author of So God Made a Mother

"As a therapist working primarily with women in their midlife, every word of this book feels like it is speaking directly to so many of my clients. Not only do Mikala's words provide valuable knowledge, they also will leave women in their midlife feeling seen, understood, and valued."

Jenni Brennan, therapist, author, and creator of Changing Perspectives with Jenni Brennan

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  1. Mikala Albertson MD
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    Mikala Albertson MD

    Mikala Albertson, MD is a board-certified family practice doctor and well-being advocate who is passionate about women's health and healing in the middle of our messy, ordinary lives. Author of Ordinary on Purpose, Mikala inspires readers to aim for...

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