Everything I Wish I Could Tell You about Midlife

A Woman's Guide to Health in the Body You Actually Have

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As you've approached midlife, have you wondered: Is this . . . it? I thought it would get easier. I thought I'd have more figured out by now. Something is wrong, and I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's my thyroid?

Drawing from eighteen years of medical practice and personal experience, Dr. Mikala Albertson addresses the universal struggles that women face while navigating health and healing in this new stage of life, exploring topics such as

· current medical best practices for wellness and well-being
· understanding perimenopause, hormones, mood disorders, body image, and more
· balancing co-occurring stressors such as relationship troubles, caregiver expectations, and shifting motherhood roles
· finding support, purpose, and healing in this difficult part of life

You may be weary, but there are steps you can take toward health and healing while discovering along the way that there is beauty here too.

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  1. Mikala Albertson MD
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    Mikala Albertson MD

    Mikala Albertson, MD (www.ordinaryonpurpose.com) is a family practice doctor turned mostly stay-at-home mom who is passionate about Jesus and all things ordinary. Since 2017, she has been writing and inspiring women to let go of striving for the world's...

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