Everyday Strength, 2nd Edition

A Cancer Patient’s Guide to Spiritual Survival

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Discover true hope and peace amidst the struggle. 

Even as you fight against cancer, you can bask in the love of your Father God and discover his amazing peace. Everyday Strength provides comfort from Scripture and the poetic prayers of a fellow cancer survivor. Each of these thirty-three meditations points to the total security available in God's presence. Powerful, uplifting thoughts for each day guide you toward spiritual and mental wellness even in the face of physical illness.

Don't allow depression or bitterness to steal your joy. Find hope in the midst of your fears by holding tight to the One who is stronger than your disease.

The Author

  1. Randy Becton

    Randy Becton

    Randy Becton is minister at large with Herald of Truth Television. He is the executive director of Caring Cancer Ministry in Abilene, Texas, which he founded after both he and his mother battled cancer.

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