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Effectively Sharing the Gospel in a Rapidly Changing World

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What is the most effective way to reach people for Christ?

Although the message of the gospel never changes, our methods for communicating it need to adjust to an ever-changing audience. Evangelism Today helps you share your faith in a culturally relevant way, gathering insights from ministry leaders across the nation to reveal current and future trends in evangelism, including

No matter who you are--pastor, small group leader, businessperson, or homemaker--you are personally called to spread the message of the cross. Intensely practical and straightforward, this book will renew your passion to share the Good News and empower you to do so effectively.


"I have watched for years as the Lord has blessed Scott Dawson and his ministry. It has been a blessing to see--and to be a part of--his reach throughout the world, partnering with Scott on several occasions and encouraging him in his work. Through the Next Generation Alliance ministry of the Palau team, I have seen first-hand Scott's loyalty to the Gospel, to the Church, to the Bible, and to evangelism. His ministry--through initiatives such as Safe at Home--is reaching individuals all over the country. I wish Scott all the best in the days ahead, and pray the Lord continues to use him in mighty ways, to the glory of the Lord."--Luis Palau, World Evangelist (www.palau.org)

"Scott Dawson has opened my eyes with this culturally relevant guide to evangelism. I read the book in one sitting and learned about the present and future of evangelism and how it should look in our contemporary culture. This relevant material is life-changing."--Pat Williams, senior vice president, Orlando Magic; author, Who Are You Living For?

"Scott Dawson is on the cutting edge of evangelism. He understands the truths of Scripture and the times in which we live. He understands the need of the hour and tells us how to fix it. Like a good physician, he can diagnose the disease and show us the cure we need in God's Word. We need men like Scott Dawson and Scott Lenning. More importantly, we need to listen to what they say. The times are changing, but the truths are still applicable. The authors' ability to state how we can be more effective in evangelism in the 21st century is a message that should be read by every pastor, staff member and lay person interested in reaching our culture for Christ."--Michael Catt, senior pastor, Sherwood Baptist Church; executive producer, Sherwood Pictures, Albany, Georgia

"'Evangelism is one beggar showing another beggar where he can find a piece of bread.' This definition by D. T. Niles is the best description of evangelism I know, and it undergirds Scott Dawson's approach to this vital ministry of the church. In a culture saturated with showmanship and marketing schemes, Scott reminds us of the nonnegotiable essentials of prayer, integrity, community, and the necessity of a cross-centered message of forgiveness and grace. An encouraging word for all who know Jesus and want to make him known to others."--Timothy George, founding dean of Beeson Divinity School of Samford University; senior editor, Christianity Today

"Over the last several years as my relationship with Scott Dawson has grown, I've discovered his passion for the Gospel permeates every aspect of his life. In his new book Evangelism Today, he teaches timeless truths of how this generation and generations to come can discover a living relationship with God through Jesus Christ. This book could be the one tool God uses to sharpen you to reach your neighbor, friend, or associate for Christ today."--David Green, founder and CEO, Hobby Lobby

"Scott Dawson's and Scott Lenning's book makes sharing the Good News relevant in a changing society. While reading their book about evangelism today, I was reminded of a recent conversation with key pastors in a major city. The pastors shared that their young people were simply not interested in sharing their faith with their friends. Shocked as I was, I inquired. The response was that tolerance, which has been portrayed to the young people of our society as acceptable, has become the norm. God has called all believers to the Great Commission, to feed the poor and dying. People may think it is rude to confront others with any objective truth today. Yet the Holy Spirit still works. And he has people ready to receive personal input about the Savior, done gently and respectfully. Youth today respect Jesus Christ. They may not see him as a religious figure, but they respect him. What a wonderful opportunity to authentically, intentionally, and creatively share the truth about him in word and deed. Scott Dawson and Scott Lenning's book shares how to communicate him appropriately in a changing society. Our thanks to them and Baker Books for making this volume available to the church."--Tom Phillips, vice president, Crusade Ministries, BGEA

The Authors

  1. Scott Dawson

    Scott Dawson

    Scott Dawson is founder of the Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association (SDEA), which hosts evangelistic outreaches such as Safe at Home. Dawson is part of the Next Generation Alliance, a partnership with the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association, and is involved...

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  2. Scott Lenning

    Scott Lenning

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