Escaping the Matrix

Setting Your Mind Free to Experience Real Life in Christ

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What is in control of your mind?

Like the characters in The Matrix movie trilogy, our minds can get hardwired to distortions that lie so deep within us that we aren't even aware of them. Whether it's habitual sin, thought patterns, damaged emotions, or even phobias, we all know of something that is holding us back.

In Escaping the Matrix pastor Gregory Boyd and national board certified counselor Al Larson bring together the biblical and neurological truths behind such struggles. Their practical examples and exercises will help you transform your thought processes to experience a deeper life in Christ. Are you prepared to escape the world's Matrix that controls you? Get ready to free your mind.


"In Escaping the Matrix, Gregory A. Boyd and Al Larson have rpesented the how to of giving your hurts and pains to the Lord. They brilliantly utilize the metaphors from the recent movie series The Matrix as a framework for the book, which contributes to making this a most enjoyable read."--Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D.Min., pastor, author, cofounder, Institute of Neuro-Semantics

"The authors take a very complex dilemma for Christians and give understandable simple biblical explanations of the dilemma. Then they provide easily implementable exercises to enable Christians to overcome and experience a victorious life in Christ. Utilizing the metaphor of the Matrix, as popularized in the movies, they show how we can get caught up in the Matrix of Lies of the Great Deceiver and how we can escape the Matrix of Lies and obtain the real life in Christ that Christ intended all of his followers to possess. This is a must read book for Christians desiring to grow in their relationship with Christ and desiring to assist others in finding real life in Christ."--Stanley H. McCreary, Ph.D., professor of Christian counseling, Central Christian College of the Bible

"As Jesus used stories powerfully for communicating, so have Boyd and Larson. They have taken the story and central idea within the movie The Matrix and have used it to describe many of the processes regarding how we actually "renew our mind" in the process of transformation. I'm impressed with this work as being well-grounded in scripture, current in the neuro-sciences, and practical for everyday living. It is a must read for every pastor, counselor, coach, teacher, and parent."--L. Michael Hall, Ph.D., author, The Matrix Model

"In Escaping the Matrix Greg Boyd and Al Larson provide believers with insight and understanding of how God has designed us to live and function as human beings. More importantly they provide specific strategies that show the believer how to utilize this God-given design to renew their minds and experience the abundant life that we have in Christ. Pastors and Christian counselors will find valuable insights and tools to support them in helping God's people to walk in the freedom and liberty promised in the Scriptures. If the desire of your heart is to be all that God has created you to be, and to serve Him with joy and gladness then Escaping the Matrix is the book for you! Read it, apply it, and you will be free! I highly recommend this book!"--Mike Davis, assistant pastor, By His Spirit Fellowship, Chino, California

The Authors

  1. Gregory A. Boyd
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    Gregory A. Boyd

    Gregory A. Boyd (PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary), formerly professor of theology at Bethel University, is senior pastor of Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, where average attendance has grown to 5,000 since he helped plant the church in 1992....

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  2. Al Larson

    Al Larson

    Al Larson is a national board certified counselor and the president and founder of Dynamics of Growth Inc., a counseling, consulting, and training organization. He lives in Oakdale, Minnesota.

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"A well-written and intriguing book with literally hundreds of references to Scripture."--Daryl Wingerd, Christian Communicators Worldwide