Engaging the Christian Scriptures, 2nd Edition

An Introduction to the Bible

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This readable, faith-friendly, one-semester textbook aids students as they engage in their first reading of the biblical text in an academic setting. The authors, who have significant undergraduate teaching experience, approach the Christian Scriptures from historical, literary, and theological perspectives. Text boxes, illustrations, maps, and suggestions for further reading are included. This new edition incorporates professor and student feedback, adds a glossary, has been revised throughout, and is supplemented by updated and expanded web-based pedagogical resources.

The Authors

  1. Andrew E. Arterbury

    Andrew E. Arterbury

    Andrew E. Arterbury (PhD, Baylor University) is associate professor of Christian Scriptures at Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University, in Waco, Texas.

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  2. W. H. Bellinger Jr.

    W. H. Bellinger Jr.

    W. H. Bellinger Jr. (PhD, University of Cambridge) is the W. Marshall and Lulie Craig Chairholder in Bible, professor of religion, and chair of the Department of Religion at Baylor University. He has served on the editorial board of Catholic Biblical...

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  3. Derek S. Dodson
    Courtesy of Baylor University

    Derek S. Dodson

    Derek S. Dodson (PhD, Baylor University) is senior lecturer in religion at Baylor University.

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