Encountering the New Testament, 4th Edition

A Historical and Theological Survey

series: Encountering Biblical Studies

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16. Acts 13–28

Discussion Questions

  1. What guidelines for ministering to ethnic groups today are found in Acts 10:28?
  2. What was the significance of the first missionary journey?
  3. What city might become the American Antioch today? Why?
  4. How does Paul serve as an example for sustained ministry in the church today?
  5. How can Matthew 28:19–20 be used to justify ministries today that focus only on the local church?

Assignment Ideas / Class Activities

  1. Using a map, trace the three missionary journeys of Paul. Have the students find the passages in the Bible that name the cities Paul visited.
  2. Assign a group of six students the task of making a time line of one of Paul’s missionary journeys. a. Include places and significant events. b. Document with Scripture references. c. Illustrate with pictures from magazines or drawings. d. Have the group make a presentation to the class. Time limit: ten minutes.
  3. Select a group of six students to plan a dramatization of the trials of Paul. Have the group present this in class. Time limit: ten minutes.
  4. Assign a group of six students to present the prison experiences of Paul utilizing excerpts from his letters from prison. Time limit: fifteen minutes.