Encountering the New Testament, 4th Edition

A Historical and Theological Survey

series: Encountering Biblical Studies

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6. The Gospel of Luke

Discussion Questions

  1. How could you compare Luke’s method in writing his Gospel with the method a modern biographer would use to write a biography of a famous person?
  2. What evidence do we have that Luke was actually the author of the Gospel of Luke?
  3. How important is it to identify the place where Luke was written?
  4. What role does Theophilus play in the way Luke wrote the Gospel?
  5. How does Luke’s account of Jesus’s life differ from Matthew’s or Mark’s?
  6. What are some examples of how Luke emphasized the work of the Holy Spirit?

Assignment Ideas / Class Activities

  1. Break the class up into small groups and have each group identify the places where Luke was with Paul. Make a chart of this and include the place, the event, and a Scripture reference. At the end of class, compare and discuss each group’s chart.
  2. On the board make a chart of Jesus’s early life that includes the event and its scripture reference.
  3. Make a chart illustrating Luke’s record of the role of women in Jesus’s ministry and present this to the class.
  4. Construct a time line based on Luke’s account that places different stages of Jesus’s life with those of contemporary rulers. Include the point in Jesus’s life, the ruler, and other significant people.