Encountering the New Testament, 4th Edition

A Historical and Theological Survey

series: Encountering Biblical Studies

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4. The Gospel of Matthew

Discussion Questions

  1. How would you respond to the charges by modern critics who suggest that Matthew was not the author of the Gospel of Matthew?
  2. What seems to be the most reasonable purpose for the Gospel of Matthew? Why?
  3. Was the coming of Jesus meant more for the Jews or the gentiles?
  4. How can Jesus’s supreme authority be reconciled with his compassion for human needs?
  5. How can the preaching of a contemporary preacher such as Billy Graham be compared with the preaching of Jesus?
  6. Is it necessary today to preach about the second coming of Christ?
  7. What can our churches today learn from Matthew 18:15–17 about settling disputes?

Assignment Ideas / Class Activities

  1. Present a panel discussion that shows how Matthew emphasized Jesus’s supreme authority and power, and make applications to contemporary life in which that authority is also demonstrated.
  2. Make a chart with five sections that classify Jesus’s instructions to his followers and present this in class.
  3. Make a chart showing God’s constant involvement in the events of the life of Jesus including the event and its reference in Matthew.
  4. Present an overview of the context of the book, assigning students to read a verse or group of verses that covers each part of the life of Jesus.
  5. Design a banner for one of the titles used by Jesus that demonstrated his supreme authority.
  6. Select one of Jesus’s healings and compare it to a contemporary healing that has been reported; have students write a one-page essay.