Encountering Angels

True Stories of How They Touch Our Lives Every Day

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Angels Are Among Us

Every day the supernatural realm is reaching into your physical world. Have you ever noticed, just for a moment, the fragrance of flowers or glimpsed a breathtaking light from the corner of your eye? Or felt a comforting presence even though no one was near?

You may have just encountered an angel.

In this page-turning book, Judith MacNutt shares incredible, true-life stories of angelic encounters from people around the world. Through these accounts and biblical passages, you will discover the gifts and guidance God offers through these heavenly beings--and the truth about their roles in your life as bringers of peace, comfort, warning, protection and love.

Any time you feel lost, afraid, confused or desperate, the amazing stories in this book will connect you to God's encouragement, comfort and healing.


"The ministry of angels is a real dimension of God's providence and love. Judith spells out this truth in a wonderful way. This is not theology, theory, teachings . . . but actual stories and experiences of God intervening in people's lives through angelic presence. Angels make real the love of God for His children. This is a very uplifting and affirming book for all of us."

Father Richard McAlear, oblate missionary, Oblates of Mary Immaculate

"Once again, Judith brilliantly comes alongside us to illuminate the wonders of God's provision through His angels. The focus is not on the sensational, but on the everyday majesty of how He truly never leaves us nor forsakes us. Judith hands us a fresh lens for recognizing His messengers and praising God for them."

Allison Bown, author, Joyful Intentionality; director, The Warrior Class

"I always wanted to write a book on angels. But I have to give up that ambition; Judith MacNutt has created such a beautiful piece of work that I dare not go there! Her book will be of great encouragement to all Christians."

Dr. R. T. Kendall, minister (1977-2002), Westminster Chapel, London

"Judith MacNutt has been collecting accounts of angels for years. This book enables us to share with her the riches of that collection, challenging the secular assumption that supernatural beings do not exist. Angels do exist and are very involved in human life. Praise God! And thank you, Judith."

Charles H. Kraft, professor emeritus, Fuller Theological Seminary

The Author

  1. Judith MacNutt M.A.

    Judith MacNutt M.A.

    Judith MacNutt, MA, is a bestselling author, psychotherapist and global speaker, and co-founder of internationally renowned Christian Healing Ministries. Learn more at ChristianHealingMin.org.

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